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Pink Full Moon Celestial Galactic High Energy Update ✨️By Akasha Ra Azurite & Galactic Family

New 4/21/24 - 4/24/24 Celestial Star Born/ Star Ray's/ Galactic Celestial Ascension Soul Journey New Cycle/ New Upgrades/ New Energies Update By Akasha Ra Azurite & Galactic Family of the Rainbow Diamond Races! 🦜

Greetings Beautiful Divine Souls of the Cosmic Ray's Of Creation! We are  in a New Transitions of New Energies, New Galactic Celestial Ascension Soul Cycles, New Energies of Light , New God Source/ God Seed Star Born Template's 🌟

We Woke up this Morning to Shift the Energy of The Old Systems/ Paradigms/ Matrices Within the Physical Krystalline Body Vessel Light Particles as we Materialize All New Diamond Plasma Light Geometrics/ Coding/ Krystalline Diamond Plasma Structures...... We Can Hear the Harmonic Sound Sonic SOUND MUSIC ON THE INNER BODY & MOTHER EARTH SO LOUD TODAY 🪷... as We Walk Out Side to Take Pictures Of the Plasma Ultra Violet Plasma Photonic Light on the Beautiful Canyons [Utah] , Blue Ray Diamond Plasma Ray's Pouring onto the Canyons from Our Sun 🦜

As we Experience the Deepest Inner Traumas, Deepest Etheric Disease , Ancient Disease , Ancestral Disease, Old interior Prisons, Old Inner Prisons 3D / 4D PROGRAMING , Deepest Fears of the Old Systems/ Matrices/ Realities/ Recoding of Our Brain, Neuropathways nervous system Lymptomatics systems And thyroid Systems Upgrades, Unconscious Old Time-lines software/ Soul Experiences _ we are Being Asked to Chose Our New Course of action/ Life/ Holographic Krystalline Diamond Celestial Star Born Journey from a New HD 15D Beyond View/ New Galactic Higher Soul Cycle, Galactic Higher Soul Holographic Human Experiences 💙  Bringing All Time-lines Within/ Exterior Realities/ Worlds/ Parallel Universe's/ Parallel Realities To One Whole Within the Krystalline Diamond Physical Body Vessel to Dissolve/ Dismantle Old systems [Programming Running] To Recreate Our New Holographic Hologram Krystalline Daimond Plasma Photonic Light Solar Exterior Experiences..... 

We are Required Lots of Sleep Rest For Physical Body to Renew, Regenerate, Revive And Purify Our Star Krystalline Diamond Plasma Krystals Within the Physical Body....... Deeper Inner Reconnection To Oue Starseed/ Star Born/ Prime Creator / High Soul Selves/ Soul Galactic Mission / Multidimensional Divine Being & Mother Gaia Earth Light Ship .... Deepest Purest Soul Connection to Our Highest Galactic Soul Experiences [ Love One's] All Within Our Physical Realities to Our Deepest Inner Divine Blueprint with !! 🦜

Zero Point Fields Systems Activating to Reconstruct a New Celestial/ Universal / Multi Verse Fields Systems.... 💫

Deep Cellular Pain Bodies, Old 3D Programming of Suffering, Pain , Fear, Old ABUSIVE PATTERNS of Self Within the Collectives Consciousness/ Conscious Fields/ Energy Bodies/ Our Physical Body Holds this Programming On A Cellular level Which we Are Releasing a Acceleration Speed ..... 💓

Telepathic Hearing/ Sound/ Light Hearing/ Two Way Communication to Multi Verses Within Interior/ Exterior Physical Body Vessel... New Abilities..... 💕

💜💜💜 Ultra Violet Plasma Photonic Light Solar Energy/ New Plasma Photonic Light Energy!!

❤️🩷🧡💛💚💙🩵💜 New Rainbow Paradise Krystalline Diamond Plasma Energy Matrices/ Fields / New Rainbow Earth / Andara Earth / New Universe's as we Shift Within the Physical Photonic Light Body / Teleportion To New Universe's [ Plasma Liquid Photonic Diamond Light Plasma Fields ** Awesome Experiences to Remember while we are pulling up The Deepest rooted Old Trauma/Old Mentalities/ Old Matrices/ Realities.....

❤️🩷🧡💛 New Pink Diamond Liquid Light Moon 🌙 Codes From Our Full Moon 🌝 New Cosmic Cycle  New Full Moon 🌝 Codes Ultra Pink Diamond Plasma Liquid Light Fields.... We are Opening New Doorways/ New Opportunities For Higher Celestial Soul Experiences....

💞 New Gaia Earth Galactic Interior Shifts / Earth Shifts 🌎 New Stargates Activating and Dialing In...

Golden Diamond Solar Star Dust Coding/ Upgrades/ Golden Celestial Bodies Activation's/ Blueprints/ Template's!!

Universal New Divine Numbers to Follow the Hearts of the Universe's On a Eternal/ External Experience - 1144 333786_963_ 2212 1121 555_ 1111_ 777321 971 444 144 1155❤️🩷🧡💛💚💙🩵💜🤎

REMINDER 💖  Follow the Hearts of the Universe's Within

REMINDER 💖 Love Thy Self ❤️

REMINDER 💖 Make Your Own Magic

We Appreciate your Energetic Exchanges Of  Love , Generosity, and Constributions of Light.....

Galactic/ God Source  Light Encoded Language of Light Transmission Writing By Akasha Ra Azurite & Galactic Councils...

Website -  Starseedevolutionunited.Net - Join Our Activation Blog By Akasha Ra Azurite Become a Member for Free Access to Activation's....

Join Our Utopia New Earth Conscious Visionary Projects Light Grid... If You Feel Soul Align to Donate To Our VisionfundRaiser ..... Thank You Beautiful Soul ..



Blessings!! With the Divine Dolphins and Whales!!!

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