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About Akasha Azurite

Activator – Illuminator – Gridworker
Keykeeper – GateKeeper – Soul Healer – WayShower – Starseed

We Are a Galactic Being of Love in the here and now with the mission and purpose of assisting in the healing, spiritual awakening of humanity, and in the evolution of the planet. It is my intention to participate in the activation of the Cities of Light on the planet. We Are (Multi ME's) a pioneer of the new earth consciousness, a true pathfinder, explorer of consciousness, an alchemist and shapeshifter bringing in a phenomenal change on the planet. Our spiritual (Kundalini) awakening journey started in 2012; my activations were done by the Andromeda High Council. All Multi (ME's) gifts and talents opened up and my abilities accelerate. We started speaking Light Language fluently, and having clairaudient communication with the Andromeda High Council and through telepathy. Since then, We ( Multi Me's) have Upgraded to Avatar Matrix Systems, We Completed Christ Consciousness , Major Solar Expansion, and have constant contact with a variety of Benevolent Beings of Light from all dimensions.


We ( multi Dimensional ME's) Unlocked Seer Abilities, was endowed with divine knowing and prophetic visions .All Galactic Stargate Families/ Goddess Sekhmet/ The Sophia/ Prime Creator  Prepped me for Becoming a Divine Quantum Consciousness World Leader for the Masses...



My Galactic  dimensional Higher Self "Akasha" is from Andromeda. My Ascension process in the physical body began in 2017 . Since then, (WE) are blessed to assist in anchoring energetic & God Consciousness Templates, All New Merkaba Super Quantum Computer Systems Templates , Source frequencies for the Ascension process of Gaia and all Humanity.


Our gifts come through as transmissions of sacred Light Language from the 18th dimensional bandwidths and  higher.( We ) speak and write in seven different Angelic Universal Languages fluently. In addition, I can also do healing with my hands with light language with the client’s divine intent.  We Are gifted to download the light codes for self-healing, dissolution of the “ego” programming, and codes necessary in the acceleration of the ascension journey into the 5th dimension and higher. Through the integration of my inter-dimensionality, and my multi-dimensional existence, I provide counselling and reading of the Akashic records.


It is my passion to assist in raising the vibrational frequencies of humanity, this planet, and all life forms to accelerate All in the evolution of our “full” conscious shift into the Law of One, and alignment into Unified Collective Consciousness.


WE ARE All One.

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