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Utopia New Earth Systems Conscious Projects -Star Ship CommUNITY 

Welcome to OUR Soul Purpose / Galactic High Mission's Utopia New Earth Systems & Beyond Quantum Activated through 5D Light Spectrum Downloaded Blueprints... Light Encoded Humanitarian New Earth 5D Beyond Pure Love - Oneness - Eco Friendly - Consious Projects... This Starseed Evolution Channel Website ~ Stargate Mastery School is Souly for the New Earth Projects!

If you would Like Support the Large Quantum Libraries of Light the Work We Continue to Provide/Share Lift all Light Souls in this Space in this NOW. We have Galaxy of  Much More to Accomplish/Do to Support Humanity with all of these massive upcoming Ascension  Transitions, Cosmic Awakening, Universal Shifts. All Contribution, Donation Support , Energetic Exchanges are Apppreciation with the Deepest Gratitude From OUR Galactic Sacred Hearts...


One Galactic Heart CommUnity

Welcome to the Sacred Passageways of Awakening Deeper to our Divine Star Map - Divine Soul Purpose - Galactic Mission's on Our Sacred Cosmic Mother "GAIA"....  WE Awaken through Waves of Cosmic , SoLAR, GAlatic , Universal,  Ascension High Frequencies Bandwidths, and Our Sacred Mother Earth to Elevate to Higher Heart Consciousness Existence... ONCE AGAIN .. 

We are ALL COSMIC Star Childern, Lightworkers, Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Light Anchors, Galactic Guardian's , Angelics, GodSElves, Avatars, and Rainbow Warriors Coming together as One HEART UNITY LIGHT GRID! We Support , Lift, Shift, Quantum Leap, DEPROGRAM AS ONE , Bust Matrix Systems DOWN, and PURELY Love as One Sacred Galactic Heart UNIFED Field of Galaxies!

WE all Anchor High Photonic LIGHT Frequencies,  Contribute , Share , Support in Our Sacred Pure Love Community we have Created out there/Inward/Ethers Relams/New Earth/ Lumeria and Beyond ....

We ALL Support the NEW Earth Higher Vibrational Living and We are HERE to BUILD NEW EARTH Systems / Temples & Conscious 7D Projects for the HUMANity Humanitarian 12D Templates ...

Our Cosmic Dedication to Our Family of Light

Cosmic Ray's of Light to All Star Soul Family for Your Soul / Universal Avatar Soul Dedication on your Divine Ascension Journey Here on Our Beautiful Gaia and Beyond!  We Share Deep Gratitude, Honor, Sacred Compassion to All Wayshowers, Gridkeepers, Light keepers, Ascension Guides, Galactic Guardian's and New Star Childern Flooded to Gaia Star Align to Us , We will Reach High for the Next galactic Timelines to fulfill Our Sacred Mission's Together as One Unified Heart! 

To Our Earth FAMILY ~ My Beautiful Avatar Dragon Blue Ray Baby 'Daughter "Naomii Cloud Love " and Niece " Elliana Delta Love " Our Andromedan Golden Child Avatar Baby for Bombing Our Ancestral Bloodlines with the biggest Light Ray Bombs and beyond ! Awakening, Activating, Clearing our Distortions, and Opening Our Heart's to BeCome  Pure Conscious  Light .....  To Remember Our Divinity and Sovereignty Once Again!  We Send Love to All of Our Family ...

To All Of Our GAIA SOUL FAMILY , Client's, Students, Online , Facebook, and Youtube Followers We Appreciate all Who Have been Holding our Massive Star Born BEYOND Light Galactic Star Ship Grids with US as ONE HEART SOURCE Family , WE ARE Awakening For Humanity / New Earth / New UNIverse Dreams! Now we are Mastering All Blueprints in this NOW.

TO ALL OF MY GALACTIC Star Family of Light, Tibetan Masters, Guides , US , Higher Selves , Avatars , Aurora Family , Hybrid Crystal Children , Our Andromedan Kids , LYRA Family , ANDARA FAMILY , SOPHIA ,God / Goddesses Realms , Heaven Realms, Source, Prime Creator, All Star Kids , Templar Time Travelers...  ALLL WE Ever New For 8 Years of Our Ascension Awakening Journey... Was THE HIGH COUNCILS OF LIGHT for  TEACHING , Guiding, and TRAining US for Our Sacred Galactic Mission's.... And For My Galactic High Commander Andromedan Husband  & All of Multi Dimensional Him's through All Time and Spaces ... And... No TIME And Spaces... All Dimensions around Me... For Opening Portals to my Heart to Always Follow the Hearts of Our Cosmic Love Sacred Shamanic Journey as One , the Must Purest Love Beyond the BEYOND Time of Infinite Christed Love! Deepest gratitude to All Our Sacred Star Gate Master's... 

To the Physical Master Teacher's we Materialized ~ Thank You, PURE LOVE FROM OUR GALACTIC HEART  and the Deepest Gratitude for All WayShower's , Ascension Guides , Commander's Ground Crew,  Quantum Consciousness Leader's, Mrs. DEane,  Mrs. Lisa Transcendence Brown , And All Soul Master Teacher Contracts Aligned to assist with our Cosmic Awakening!! On a Reset ! 



Light Codes by Sarah Ellertson


Divine Love 

Divine Gratutide 

Divine Thank YOU

To All Star Light Being's Constribution , Time , Energy ,Sharing , Creating, Assisting, Designing Our Sacred Temple Light Ship Website..

To ~ Jennifer George, Maggi,

Aarti Sridharan , Lu' Ferri' , Domonique & Bri Holt ,

Sara & Robert Ellertson, and

The Emlmendorf Family!  

We Deeply Appreciate Our Galactic Family of Light for All Assistance on this on going project!

Stargate Mastery School.... for All Our Star Children!

To All The Star Children Merkaba Orbs that have Followed Us for years awaiting us to Awaken to telepathically to receive / Here/ Feel Once Again...

We Will Align to your Caretakers Soon... We Promise... As we Created the School You Asked for ... to assist your Caretaker Contracts to Awaken their 12 DNA Crystalline Strands to Open their Hearts to Remember Again!


We are Moving BEYOND Time and Space for All Star Kids on Earth To Awaken HUmanity ...

Thank you for waking Us Up!

Our School will be Soul Aligned to the All! 

we Love All Divine Sacred Star Children Beyond the Universe..

From Our Utopia New earth CommUNITY of Light!


Andara Egg Creation Crystalline Light Grid By Rashanak Elmendorf


Our Galactic Star Sister's Cosmic Book 

Allison Dohrman 

" Reclaiming Your Earthly Body For Your Infinite Being To Inhabit "

Allison Dohrman

Internationally known spiritual consultant and adviser that illuminates your personal barriers and presents how to travel the higher pathway in line with why you are here. I am Galactic Lighthouse, working on who knows what, when or where at any given time with my crew from Quadrant 2. Fun Times! I relay information in a straight up, to the point manner. I tell it like I hear it, no fluff, no rephrasing, no glossing over to tell you what you want to hear. You get what I get - straight from Source, your guides and/or your higher self or other benevolent beings of Light. They will gladly give a snapshot of where you are currently and where you are heading right now so you can make adjustments, if you choose to, that will alter your current direction in life. Every personal session with me is unique and it is always a surprise at what information is obtained that will assist in bringing in a greater light quotient for you in this here and now.

Ever felt confused in this Ascension process? Wondering why you are going through moments of extreme physical, emotional and spiritual chaos? “Reclaiming Your Earthly Body for Your Infinite Being to Inhabit,” contains a complete step by step guide, in easy to follow format, to assist you in clearing and removing common things such as soul contracts, agreements, curses and implants just to name a few. The topics covered are written in easy to understand language for all ages, with care taken to be inclusive of all religious and cultural beliefs. Through this process, you will uncover and learn who YOU really are underneath all the programs, trauma, grief and manipulations, that have kept you stuck. This workbook is a practical hands on resource to work through previously hard to locate or stubborn subjects in a supportive, understanding way that will forever alter your life

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