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Utopia New Earth Krystalline Diamond Energy Matrix Embodiment - Krystalline Diamond DNA Lightbody Activation & Quantum Living Coaching .... Much More Pricing Plan Packages - Special Offerings With Akasha Ra Azurite

  • Twin RAY Phoenix Mentoring Package

    Twin Flame Soul Union & Divine Sacred Partner Package Plan
    • 7 individual One on One Mentoring Session
    • 14 Krystal Star Flames Kundalini Awakening DNA Package
    • Twin Ray Phoenix Per Recorded Courses Bundle Package 18 HR
    • Twin Ray Starseed Diamond Star Lightbody Activation Session

    Starseed Children/ Teens Heaven On Earth Mystery Schools & Diamond Merkaba Mystery School
    Valid for 3 months
    • Multidimensional Mastery Mentoring Curriculum
    • Star Code Sacred Attunements
    • Child Trauma Therapy Healing Treatment
    • Rainbow Star Child Healing Attunements
    • Merkaba System Quantum Multidimensional 5D Creation Training
    • Starseed Mastery Jedi Development
    • Crystalline Crystal Grid Training
    • Avatar Chi Elemental Bending Training
    • 8 Private Multidimensional Mastery Mentoring Session
    • One CONSCIOUS Shift Parenting Private Session
  • Bee Goddess Hieros Gamos Sacred Pathway

    6 Month Sacred Pathways of the Bee Goddess Hieros Gamos Sophia Source Embodiment Mentorship
    Valid for 6 months
    • 7 One on One Private Mentoring Session's Monthly
    • Sacred Bee Goddess Counterpart Mystery School Teachings
    • 11 Hours Pre Recorded Utopia New Earth Curriculum
    • 2 Month Free Access To All Webinar Event's
    • 2 Krystalline Hieros Gamos Lightbody Activator Session's
  • Akashic Record Quantum Session Package

    7 Akashic Record Library Quantum Session's Bundle Package! Learn How to Access Your Soul Blueprint
    Valid for 4 months
    • 7 Akashic Record Library Quantum Session's
    • Bundle New Earth Package 11 Per Recorded Course's Included
    • 3 Lightbody Quantum DNA Activation Package Included
  • Starseed Quantum Living Coaching Package

    12 One on One Starseed Multi - Dimensional Quantum Living Coaching Session's Activation Bundle
    Valid for 6 months
    • 7 Galactic Quantum Consciousness Living Coaching Session's
    • 2 Krystalline Body Consciousness Coaching Session's
    • 2 Andara Master Crystal Quantum Energy Session's
    • 1 Universal Divine Cosmic Embodiment Session
    • 2 Language of Light Course's - Pre Recorded Included
    • 2 Cosmic Shamanism Pre - Recorded Course's Included
    • 5 Months of Free Access To All Our Webinars
    • We Gift a Starseed Soul Code Activation Gift Mailed to you
  • New Lemuria Mu Coach/Mentoring Package

    Restore Your Divine Krystalline Diamond Angelic New Human Blueprints & Diamond Energy Matrix Within
    Valid for 4 months
    • 7 Personal One on One Quantum Energy Session's Package
    • 14 Krystal Kundalini Flames Awakening DNA Activation Package
    • New Lemuria Pre - Recorded Ascension Courses 11HRS
    • Ascended Master ThreeFold Flame 5Week Course Pre - Recorded
    • New Lemuria Mu Within - Language of Light Attunements
    • Free Admission to All Workshop's Event's Live - 4 Months
    • New Lemuria Within Starseed Activation Gift Mailed to you
  • Starseed Couple's Celestial Ray's Union

    Utopia New Earth Soul Union Couple's Package & Christed Sacred Divine Marriage Attunements...
    Valid for 5 months
    • Christ Consciousness Sacred Marriage Development Teaching's
    • Christ Consciousness Golden Tantra Ancient Teaching's
    • Sacred Marriage Quantum Advanced Abilities Developments
    • God/Goddess Sacred Marriage Mystery School Teaching's
    • 7 Private One on One Mentoring Session's with Akasha RA
    • 3 Childhood Trauma Healing Treatment Session's
    • 3 - Krystalline Diamond Sun Krystalbody Activation's Package
    • 3 - Personal Energy Session's - Emerald Diamond Sun DNA
    • 7 - Pre - Recorded Ascension Mastery School Package - 22HR
    • Free Admission To Our Workshop's & Event's Per Month
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