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Starseed Evolution United 

Akasha Ra Azurite - Krystallline High Goddess Phoenix Priestess of Ra
Welcome toThe Ascension  Krystalline SophiaTemple's of Pure Love 

Open The Divine Star Gate Star Portal Within Your Heart Chamber  to Remember your Soul Mission on Gaia Earth ....


We Share So Much gratitude with a Open higher Heart to walk a sacred Path of Ascension.... The golden Diamond Age initiation's With Our Solar Soul Tribe .... As a Director of the galactic Nova Terra Golden Earth & Solar God's realms... 


We Welcome you to The New Divine krystalline Creator Kingdoms & Andaraian Infinity Galaxy Diamond Temples of Light ...


Deepest Pure Love From Our Heart's ,

Akasha Ra Azurite Krystic High Goddess Priestess of Ra & Galactic High Commander Planetary Templar guardian Husband .... And..... All Of Our Star Children Community

Thank You For Awakening as Creator , Wayshowers, Gatekeepers, and Whitelighters of the New Cosmic  Shift 


Solar Ra Utopia Light ShipTemple 
School of the God's and  Goddesses 
Gatekeeper's  Gridkeeper's of Gaia Earth

High Alchemy Teaching's