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Welcome to the Emerald  Solar RA  Krystalline Temple's of  Pure Love

High Alchemy Teaching's of the Golden Diamond Age Sacred Temple of the God's 

The Phoenix High Priestess 8 Week Solar RA Infinity Krystalline Star Gate & Star Portal Traveling Online High Alchemy Training 

Self Mastery Higher Self Guided 8 Week Online High Priestess Divine Goddess Sacred Star Portal Initiation's , Lightbody Activation + Inner Ascension Temple High Alchemy Training....

 Solar Alchemy of Ra Pure Love Universal Key's of Creation  - The Emerald Sun Key Codes Solar Ra Passageways Initiation's of Ascension....

Open the Remembrance Golden Tablet's Key Codes Within... From the 19th Dimension of the Solar Ra Phoenix Sun Inner Temple Within your Light Being Gene Code DNA..... Activate Your High Priestess Krystalline Ancient Keys Within The Internal Universal Soul Star Gates Portal Within Your Sacred Krystalline Body.....

Walk the Sacred Pathways of the anicent Goddess with Our Divine  High Alchemy priestess Sisterhood Community Emerald Temple of Pure Love...


Enter the Sacred Temple Divine Goddesses of the Diamond Krystalline Sun 

Welcome to Solar RA Phoenix High Priestess Energetic Alchemy & Planetary Magic Training....

The 8 Week High Priestess of the Phoenix - Divine Golden Diamond Age Initiation Re Awakening Journey

Week 1 - Solar Ra Phoenix Sophia Krystalline Diamond Energy Matrix Awakening Initiation Key Code

The Solar Ra Sacred Krystalline Initiation of the Sophia High Priestess of the Phoenix RA + Star Gate Master's Ishtar Anicent Babylonian Mesopotamian + Inanna Anicent Sumerian Goddess + Goddess Isis of Egypt:

The Alchemy of the Solar Ra Krystalline  Diamond Heart - Golden Liquid Light Ray & Emerald Diamond Ray Plasma Photonic Solar Light Activation

The Alchemy of the Re Emerging of the Universal Goddess Soul Consciousness

The Sacred Rememberance of Divine Unity Of Sisterhood + Inner Ascension Temple Within

Merkaba Star GAte ether Traveling :

Access Passageways Star Portal Traveling as The Care Takers of the Emerald temple's + Golden age temple's of Light 


Week 2 Solar Ra Diamond Aqua Ray Key Code 2 

Divine Goddess Phoenix Inner Divine Union Krystalline Diamond Aqua Ray Lightbody Activation + Anointing Initiation Aphrodite + Bee Goddess Phoenix Soul Codex Awakening + Krystalline Star Portal Traveling to The Sacred Ancient Goddess Temple's of the Christed Sophia Diamond Golden Cities within Cyprus... Inner Journey...

Cyprus Crete Christed Golden Liquid Diamond Light DNA LightBody Activation....

Week 3 Solar Ra Phoenix Emerald Diamond Ray Key 3 

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