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222 Gifts! Free Monthly StarBODY DNA Activation's! 02/22/22 Galactic Gate!

Updated: Mar 14, 2022


222 Humanitarian Gate 12D Crystalline Template's Completion!

Universal Soul Template's

Hearts Beat as One!

We are Heart Calling!

Meditate for 30 Mins Today for Awakening Humanity to Pure Consciousness ( Heart Chakra Open) Unity Consciousness! Meditate with your Heart Chakra for Divinity Scared Soul Marriage with your Avatar Selves!

Pure God Consciousness Connection Visualise your 9th Chakra Center Star Sending White Diamond Light to all Places in your Body / Biofield!

Peace & Unconditional Love ! Pure Love ❤️ Oneness! Miracles Abundance Time-lines!

Calling ALL Support for All Human Races!

Activate Your Miracles Abundance & Pure Love Stargate Frequencies!

222 Galactic Portal Monthly Gifts 🎁 from Our Crystalline Stargate Multidimensional Mastery School & Galactic FAMILY OF Light!

Monthly Gifts 🎁 / Activations Videos -


Lightbody Activation Video 🐬 -

Crystalline Diamond Heart Chakra Restore Lightbody Activation 🦚 -

We the Galactic Family of Light Send Universal Source Love and Light to the All!

Gifts from the ❤️ Heart !

Akasha Ra Azurite!

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