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4/9/2022 Ascension Quantum Crystalline Energy Updates Star Ship Blog

Quantum Energetic Ascension Update 🤩

4/9/2022 ! Crystalline Plasma Photonic Light Fields ✨️ Reconstruction Plasma Template's Earth 🌎 Angelic Human Blueprint! Diamond Sun Upgrades!

We are Going Through a MIRACLES GOLDEN STARGATE ✨️ This Morning! Huge Star Gate Opened for all MIRACLES!!

We heard the Song 🎵 this Morning !!

Huge 444 Gateway's Dissolving All Old Earth Time-lines! 🌎

Gaia 7D Time-lines Shift! -

Plasma Template's Construction/ Emotional Bodies Releasing! All ETHERIC BODIES Releasing/ Materializing All New Opalescent Pearl Plasma/ Solar Aqualine Plasma Photonic Fields! Huge Rewrites

All New Universal Bodies Rewrite Out in The Universe! All New Shifting Alignment's! New Planetary Grids Systems coming fully online!!

False Matrix Dissolving Holograms Inserts Removal! All New Universal Body Systems on Now !

All Creator of Worlds Received there Contracts for All New Rehabilitation/ Restructuring/ Reprogramming the New Systems!

Huge Soul Contracts Wrap Ups/ Clearing/ Shifting Within/ Rewriting all New Soul Contracts!

We are Releasing Major ( Loss) Survival Programming in the Collectives! Fixed Realities.... All Boxes we hold ourselves in!

Remember to Say " These are only Software's Releasing " Don't Sink into the Illusions Children of the Light!!

Huge VEILS Removal for Two Weeks Now ! 🙌

See Everything that will have to Release from your Realities to Rewrite the New Aroura Earth!! ✨️

5D & BEYOND Now!

Kindness! Self Love ❤️

We Love You ❤️

All Indigo's/ Star Ray's/ GridKeeper/ Gatekeepers/ Angelic/ Star Children/ Lightworkers/ Elders/ Commander's/ Guardian's/ Light Warriors ✨️

Remember we are Returning to Light Within !!!!

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