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Galactic Community Light Ship Support!! Flow Of the Heart ! Thank you Beautiful Star Family

Akasha RA Azurite:Calling All Hands on Deck 🌹💕🌹 We are Raising Abundance for Akasha RA Azurite & Family at this Time !

We are Calling Forth to Raise 3K - 5K  as Fast as Possible!! Due to Unfortunate Events Within our Timelines ....

We Appreciate All Energetic Exchanges of Love / Contribution 💝 of Love !!!

PayPal Email For All Donations -

We. Flow through the Heart of the Universe Within all Spaces of Existence in Time & Space... As we Flow in the 5th/12th Dimension

We are offering $144 Off All Personal One on One Starseed  Multi - Dimensional Quantum Energy Session'

With Akasha RA Azurite 🧬🍀💖

Promo Code ( FollowYourHeart)  🪷

Mornings Available Mountain Time & Evenings Available

We have Raised So Far $1600 Sooo Far!!! Thank you Sooo much for your support Beautiful ❤️ Family!!!

We are Activating All New Timelines/ New Templates this Summer 🌞 !!

We are Experiencing Massive Shifts Inner and Outer Cleaning Up Old Timelines... Pulling Up what needs to be pulled up to Transmute the Old Energies...

We are Activating 144/44/222/777/11188/22.33 New Codes !!

Thank you so far for what we have Raised for Akasha RA Azurite and Our Family!!

We Appreciate Are Beautiful Star Family Assisting Us !!!

Remember to Hydrate/ Rest / Nurture your Body 👅

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