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Join Our 2022 Lemuria Andara Workshop April 24th! Andara Crystalline Celebration! Expansion

Kee Ra Sha , Star Ray's Community!

WayShowers, Gatekeepers, GridKeepers, Guardians and Galactic Gods & Goddesses ! Akasha Ra Azurite will be Hosting a

3 Week Lemuria Andara Workshop Sunday April 24th @3:33pm Est !

Via Zoom Meeting!

All Weeks will be Recorded! You Will Receive All 3 Weeks Recordings Via Email! Unlock New 2022 Ancient Lemuria Portals Within as a Cosmic Angelic Human Community! We are Awakening within our Krystalline Multidimensional 5D Living Realities with our Sacred Master Lemurian Krystals Andara's ! Week 1 # Date 4/24/22 - Lemuria Andara Activating/ Tuning / Toning our Crystalline Light Diamond Body Week 2 # Date 4/29/22 6pm Est - Quantum Jumping & Expanding the Galactic Heart ! Returning to Light Within! Remembering the Andara's Again! Week 3 # Date 5/ 7/ 22 Time @3:33pm est Ancient Lemuria Sacred Star Gate Andara Gathering! Magical/ Mystical/ New Lemuria Ancient Memories Unlocking! 2022 Andara Heart Chakra Portals Expansions! We Have Open Enrollment Early for All Energetics Sacred Exchanges! Sacred Frequency Number Exchange for Akasha's Sacred Support GIFTS 333 $ USD PER ADMISSION 💖 We Appreciate All Souls Guided Aligned to our Lemuria 2022 Sacred Andara Workshop! Please Share This to All Souls Aligned! Please Join Us with your Andara's or Crystal's!

Bring Your Yoga Mats / Relaxing Space/ All Light Tools/ Headphones! Bottle Water ! Unicorn Horns/ Wands! Wizard Gear! All Souls Aligned Receive Sacred Gifts for Support/ Activation's/ Expansion Within! please Send us your Mailing Address! 💌💌💌 After Purchase All Questions Please Message Me or Email Me! Payment - Venmo - @AkashaAzurite777

Ticket Admission Per Person Link -

We Express the Deepest Gratitude for All Energetic Exchanges to Support Other's/ Soul Family on this Sacred Journey!

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