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New Andara Krystal Healer's Course! Enroll Today! Goddess Isis Star Gate Portal Healer's Course

All New Enrollment Curriculum Coming in as the Solar High Ascension Energies Hit!! Open Passageways!!🐆

Early Enrollment for Our New Ascension Healer's & Lightbody DNA Activator Course!🌹

All New Stargate Ascended Master's Goddess Healing Downloads Coming in for Creation!! 🌹

NEW - Goddess Isis Star Gate Portal Healer's Course 5 Week Andara/ Krystal Healing - Channeling - Energy Body Temple Scanning!🌹

Sign Up Today - Remember your Ancient Memories of The Sacred Healing Temples of Isis

Early Enrollment Plus Extra Gifts When We Start! 🌹

We Are Teaching -🌹🌹🌹🌹

🐉Star Gate Portal Photonic Quantum Light Technology Healing!

🦚Each Week we Master Intuitive Awakening Abilities with Goddess Isis Once More! 🪶

🐚 Full Sacred Energy Space Set Up

🌹Advanced Merkaba Vehicle Shields Mastery -

🍀Higher Self Telepathic Techniques Training

🐉Andara/ Krystal Keeper Healing Training

🌟 Gate Master Guides Gatekeeper Deep Communication Development's

🌹 Channeling - Energy Body Temple

( Chakra Vortex ) Scanning

🌹Goddess Isis Andara Diamond Sun Light Ray Intro for Tuning and Toning the Body!

🪶Plus Sound Healing Teaching's

🌹Plus Scared Goddess Isis Star Gate Language of Light Healing


🌹Sacred Ankh Krystal Alchemy Healing Techniques!🐆

🌹COSMIC Shamanic Ceremonial Pathways - Sacred Jaguar Spirit Medicine & Sacred Phoenix Purification Cycle Pathways

We Start Quantum Flow - 7/14 - 777 Portal!

@5:55pm Mountain Time! 🐆

All New Family of Light Enrolled will Need 🌹🌹🌹 * Andara Crystals *Lemurian SEED QUARTZ *Clear QUARTZ Highly recommended

🐚 Any 7 Crystal's for Healing

*Feathers *Ankh *Any Sacred Spirit Ceremonial Healing Tools!

* Sound Healing Tools

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