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New Galactic Awakening - July 9th - 15th Massive Energies Coming in 🧬 Galactic Soul / Human Cosmic Shift .....

💎🧬🌊💞 Galactic Jump 🪐💎🧬

                   🪐NEW GALACTIC AWAKENING 🪐

July 9th & 15th Massive Shift!! 222 / 444

Blast Off 🎶 Galactic Timelines Embodiment/ Galactic Soul Avatar Embodiment!! All New Timelines/ New Realities!! 💞🪐💎🧬🎶 All Goes to Zero Point!! All De  - Materializes  As We Transition To Our Next Galactic Soul Cycles !!! 

Massive Galactic Universal Energies Upgrades Coming Online as We Create Materialize Our New Crystalline Multi dimensional Realities/ Earths / All New Andromedan Galaxies Energies Activating the Universe/ Multiverse Grid's Points .... We are Reconnecting to the Andromedan Galactic Ley Lines/ Andromedan Gate Systems... 💕🧬💎🪐

New Galactic Awakening ( New Awakening) - Inner Harmony/ Rainbow Harmonic Shift as We Activate our New Galactic Lightbodies/ Emerald Diamond Sun Bodies/ Rainbow bodies .... All New DNA Templates/ Blueprints/ New RNA /DNA Cellular Crystallized Diamond Structures ... 💎🪐💎

We are Teleporting between Worlds/ Realms/ Alternate Realities/ Parallel Realities/ New Conscious Realities/ Higher Conscious Realities/ All Spaces as one...... Very cool as we become Our Starseed/ Galactic Soul Selves....  Amazing 😍

inner Shifts.  All experiences are Divine all Aligned by the Universe 💓

You're are on your highest path .....


We are Teleporting to Higher Earth/ Galactic Earth Realities as We Fully Embody Our Galactic High Selves/ as we Live , Breathe, Walk as them Fully Anchored in this Physical Holographic Gaia Earth...

New Galactic Conscious Awakening Key words for this Massive Conscious Embodiment Movement!!

Activation of Our Galactic Lightbody Cosmic Bodies as We Fully Allow These Activation/Upgrades Anchor Fully ....

As We Flow.... Flow through the Higher Heart ❤️ Higher Galactic Mind ( Brain 🧠) Higher Consciousness...... Living/ What is That? 🤔 Soo many inner Shifts Within .... 

Galactic Krystal Consciousness as we become Our Starseed  Galactic Crystalline Crystallized Diamond Human/body  Selves  once Again......

Massive Photonic Light Waves Coming online !!!!!! 🧬

Reminder to Hydrate/ Rest / Your Body / Activate New Timelines!!! 🧬

We love you ❤️ Soo much 💖 Blessings ❤️

We are Offering New Galactic Lightbody Activation Quantum Energy Session 🧬 These are the New Activation 💕 Coming Online .....

New Galactic Lightbody Activation Quantum Energy Session - 40mins

New Upgrades coming through!!!

Link - 💞🪐💞

Bookings Open!! Book With Akasha Today

Join Our Utopia New Earth Community Website -

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