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11/ 11 Divine Phoenix Solar Power Awakening Gateway's  - Divine Diamond Angelic Human Blueprint Codex Gateway's 🛸

Divine Remembrance Of Pure Love - We Keep Rising as The Starseed Phoenix of the Christed Sun Light - Soul Dedication To Our Beautiful Magical Mystical Sister's Kat Mulvaney and Maggie Diaz ( Aurora Ra Azurite Priestess) Ascend Home Divine Sister's of Pure Love Grace ! We Appreciate All Deep Gratitude For You Constributed On Beautiful Gaia! WE WILL SEE YOU ON THE SHIP!

💎 Open the Diamond Light Cosmic 1111 Divine Galactic New Human Consciousness Soul Blueprint  Existence With the Star Maps of Love Within

💎 Unlock Anicent Divine Star Portal Keys Within Today

💎Unlock New Soul New Earth Agreements Soul / Light Being Aligned to Your Highest Purest Soul Aligned Time-lines Today

💎 Unlock the All New Blueprint/ Structures of The Pure Diamond Light Cosmic Multi Dimensional Cosmic Ray's Of the Rainbow Light Intelligence

💎 We Activate All Divine Star Portals Within To Open New Doorways OF the Pure Love Pure Light Consciousness of Our. ANGELIC HUMAN CODE DNA/ RNA SolarBODY Liquid Plasma Photonic Light! Our Inner Pillar of Light!

💎 We Call Forth the Purest New Divine Human Soul Aligned of The highest of Highest of The Highest Pure Realities/ Time-lines/ New Blueprint/ Restart/ RESET/ Restore ALL Our Divine Galactic Cosmic Consciousness Blueprints Across All Time and Space and all Spaces in Time In This Now!

💎 We Activate The Highest Purest Star Gate of Love ❤️ Oneness 💛 Abundance 💚 Prosperity 🤍 Divination 💛 Sovereignty Freedom Crystalline GridWork Within  for All Humanity!

💎 We Activate All Pillar of the Diamond Sun Krystalline Cosmic Ray's of Pure Star Light For All Humanity!

💎 Remove All Veils Now!

💎 Reconnect Me To Christed Source Pure Photonic Light Within!

Remember You are Loved 😍  We Love You All Divine Souls On Gaia!

We are Ray's of The Angelic Human Light !

Remember The Solar RA Phoenix Sun Temple Within!

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