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Sirius Gateway's 7/7 Portal Ascension Shift ! Starseed Evolution Channel Live Virtual Workshop!

Welcome to Our Stargate Multidimensional Mastery School Webinar Workshop!!! 🐉 Galactic Sirius Gateway's!! 7/7 Portal! Lyran Sirian Ascension SHIFT! We are Activating our Venusian Hathor DNA & Sirian Avian Lineages DNA! Sacred Founder's Amethyst Order and Emerald Order Codes!

Return to our Krystalline Golden Angelic Human DNA Blueprint Lightbody Aroura Earth 🌎 Expansion Higher Earth Gates! SCHOOL OF THE GALACTIC GOD'S AND GODDESSES SCHOOL OF THE GALACTIC GUARDIAN'S GATEKEEPERS- LIGHT BEINGS We are Ready to Shift As a Family of Cosmic Light!! 🐲🕊🐲🕊🐲🕊🐲🕊🐲🕊 We are Launching this Magnificent Solar Godself Workshop on Sale Until July 1st! Original Tickets 777$ USD PER ADMISSION to 333$ USD PER ADMISSION! 🐉 All Workshop's are Quantum Consciousness Flow !! Deep Cellular Purification Quantum Light Activation Upgrades! 🐉 CLICK HERE TO EXPAND 🌺

Join Our Cosmic GodSelf Remembering Crestor Self Workshop Event!🌺 Akasha Ra Azurite will Teach Quantum Multidimensional Consciousness GOLDEN God DNA Full EMBODIMENT Blueprints! 🌹 WE ARE teaching Realities Heaven on Earth Building with your Quantum Computer System Merkaba Vehicle Star Ship!🌹 We are Activating Ra Sun Krystic Diamond Sun Upgrades & Restoring the Divine Masculine Energy Blueprints within!🌹 We are Anchoring in Our Original Ascended Master Blueprint - Egyptian ThreeFold Flame Christ Consciousness Sacred Inner Cosmic Union Within - Divine Power - Divine Pure Inner Love Intelligence - Divine Cosmic Creation Wisdom! We are Rewriting Our Cellular Structure DNA/ RNA SolarBODY Liquid Plasma Photonic Light Quantum GodSelf Creator Blueprints! Soo Much More....🌹 Akasha will Perform with the Solar Sun OverSoul God's Language of Light Transmission's Sacred Passageways Rites Attunements! 🌹 WE come Together As Star Soul Family as One UNIFIED Heart Community to Raise in High States of Consciousness Now ! Join Our Light Being, Gatekeepers, GridKeeper. GALACTIC GODDESS - GOD SELF COMMUNITY! We are Ready to Star Gate Multiple Timeline WIPE - Jump! 🌹 We Love you Galactic Family! Please Bring Workbook/ SketchBook, Yoga Mat , Crystals/ Andara's to Create, and Colored Pens! This is A Quantum Light Expanded Energetic Sacred Space to Open Up to Our Divine Super Quantum Consciousness Blueprints/ Structures to Rewrite Remember Once Again Family!

All "Payments " on our Website - Your Divine Soul Dedication Constribution ( Pure Energetics Exchanges) Assist/ Support/ Provide for All ( We Consiousness) Our 7D New Earth / New Universe Projects/ Consious Projects! Our Highest Galactic Missions for Humanity as Humanitarian full Service Roles! We Love you Sacred Family of Light!!

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