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Unlock Golden Age Divine Wealth Package Session 333$ OFF Until June 30th!

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Welcome Golden Ray Children,

Are you Ready to Open the Keys to Heaven on Earth within Akasha & Goddess Sekhmet !

Apply Promo Coupon Code -

"NEW EARTH " Before Check Out!! Offer Will BE Until June 30th! You Will Receive Pre recorded Quantum Light Money Karma Clearing Activation Package Plus Soo Much More!! Through our Portal Login!!

Raise your Vibrational Frequencies Now Beautiful Souls!

Unlock the Golden Age Divine Wealth Star Code Star Gate Key's for All Humanitarian's Now!

Activate ALL New Abundance Time-lines From Within!!

This Package includes - All Goddess Sekhmet Abundance Miracles Star Gate Mastery Development Recorded Workshop's!

11 Hours of Recorded Starseed Evolution Channel Workshop and Event's!!

Unlock Golden Age Divine Wealth

Stargate Mastery Lightbody DNA Activator 2 Hour Personal Energy Session ... With Akasha Ra Azurite !

What to expand & expect during your quantum energy session ~

*Shift All Money Frequency Alignment Now

*Clear All Money Karma Star CODE Activation!

*Ego Lower Human Self / Negative Thoughts Form Cleansing! Shifting

*Energetic Money Vibrational Blockages Conscious Field Purification!

*Deprogramming All Lack , Survival, Loss, Greed, Envy, Karmic Soul Contracts! Return to Pure Creation Love Frequencies, for Full New Earth Service to the All!!

*Ancestral Wealth/ Money/ Royal Bloodlines Cleansing & Purification!! Restore ALL NEW 12D Crystalline Creatix Template's!!

*Restore Divine Universal Alignment Within!

*Restore/Rewrite All New Wealth Lightbody Template's!

*Instant Manifestation Creatix Abundance Higher Time-lines Shift Activation

*Instant Money Manifestation Time-lines

*Golden Age Wealth Full Service Template's Restore Programming!

* Leadership Purification Restore Divine Blueprint!!

*Unity Consciousness Template's Restore

*Heaven on Earth Realities Upgrades Energy Matrix

*Bending Time And Space to Anchor to Higher Abundance Time-lines!!

Instant Manifestation Creatix Merkaba Vehicle Activations Upgrades!!!

*Creator Skills Mastery Development Training

*Entrepreneurs Instant Growth

*Quantum Realities Time-lines Building Training!!

We Deprogram Together Deep Cellular Veils of Cellular Sleep States 3D/4D bandwidths Realities.. ReCode Are RNA/DNA Cellular Structures through Anchoring in Tons of Photonic Light of Source Creator to Rewaken our Soul/GAlactic/Universal Soul Consciousness Once Again....

We are Soul Aligned through Christed Light blueprints - Star Maps - Light Quantiont - Corrdinates to Activate Together as Divine Star Soul Family Again ..

Shift All Within You Now!!

Let's Activate Golden Age Realities Now!

Book Now !!

Two and Half Hour Session

Please Bring Workbook and Crystal's!

Bottle Water and Headphones!

Relaxing Scared Space for You!!

Zoom Call Meeting! Our Session will be Recorded and Sent Via email afterwards!

Deep Sacred Gratitude for All Payments Energetic Exchanges for Akasha's Gifted Support to All Soul Family/ Humanity During their Ascension Sacred Journey..

. All Payment Exchanges go to our Sacred Temple & Humanitarian's Conscious Projects!

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