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Welcome Starseeds & Divine Beautiful Souls,

To Utopia New Earth Shop Inventory Gifted Andara Master Crystal Set Grid system... ♥️

Sapphire Diamond Plasma Blue Ray - Activates Your Divine Celestial Starseed Lightbody DNA/ Star Races Divine Human Blueprints , Source Light Codes, Super Galactic Consciousness Activation Codes , Divine New Human Consiousness Blueprints, Cosmic Star Codes , Star Gate Master Key Codes , Arcturian Galactic High Councils Star Codes , Teleportion Codes , Crystalline Transmitters of New Worlds , and

Blue Ray Diamond Solar Rainbow Diamond Codes

These Magical Galaxy Infinity Intergalactic Source Andara Master Crystals Activate your Starbody/ Solar Rainbow Cosmic Bodies/ All New & Original Blueprints/ Soul Prime GodSource Blueprints/ New Merkaba Star Gate Vehicle of Light _ New Super Quantum Diamond Full Bodies Systems Upgrades.... They Assist with Activating New Codes / Template's/ Deprogramming Old Matrices Within the Physical Body..... All Expansion Raise Vibrational Frequencies/ New Divine Intelligence/ New Higher Consciousness Selves Awareness/ New Pure Source Keys Codes that Are Dormant Within your DNA Strands Template's.... Much More ...

The Andara's Tune & Tone the Krystalline Universal SolarBODY Liquid Light Template's within the Physical .. 💕💕💕







All Utopia Stargate Andara Crystals are Programmed to ACtivate the Lightbodies ( Super Quantum Computer System Intelligence Upgrades & Deprogram Old Earth Frequency Bandwiths .💕💕💕






As we Expand/ Activate in Light Key Codes/ New Cosmic Templates wen Become a Full Star Light Being ( Source Light) Within Once Again ...💕💕💕





Remember to Open the Portals of the Heart Chambers to Purely Love, Soul Activate , Heal, Grid, Create with the Andara Collectives Once Again..


We the Utopia New earth Community appreciate All Energetic Exchanges for our Gifts to Humanity .

Sapphire Diamond Ray Galaxy Activator Andara Master Crystal Large

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