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Beautiful Words From Beautiful HUmans

WE ARE so grateful to our clients. Their willingness to expand more in their evolution bringing more Light to our loving Earth.

May the Divine Love within each of their beautiful clients keep spreading every space and time.

A session with this extraordinary woman will change your life! Jupiter Moons is one of the clearest channels I have ever encountered. She is filled with light and grace and deep compassion and humility, yet is incredibly grounded and funny and warm. It's a beautiful combination as she creates a loving, safe healing space for you to bathe in as she works her magic. The information she brings through is so accurate and from the highest frequency places. It totally resonates and it heals and it changes things for the better. I feel like I've shifted decades in only a few sessions...and I am someone who is constantly evolving! The things she knew and saw and accessed blew my mind. She's beyond amazing. Go see her. We need this. Our planet needs this.

Kathryn  Gorman

I saw Jupiter Moons in a Starseed Masters social media group and was immediately drawn to her information and authenticity. I contacted her for a private reading and was not disappointed. I had written a list of questions but as she began sharing the already downloaded information, all my questions were organically answered. Over the past few days I have felt different energies, I feel a vibrational shift, there is a ton of information to assimilate and I’ll look forward to reconnecting with her again sometime soon.

Keren Levin

I just finished my first Shadow Work/ Inner Work Class with Akasha and friends. Sitting in a non-judgmental group holding space for one another working through past trauma’s mundane or spiritual that keep us looping, repeating or from our full potential is in itself healing. With Akasha offering guidance, tools, advice and light language to release these traumas’s its deep powerful work!


I had wonderful class with Akasha in working with Shadow work/Inner work. I am usually shy when it comes to sharing, especially when it is deep rooted situations. However, Akasha shared first and made me feel comfortable sharing about my experience since it was similar. It made me feel like I am not alone. I was in a non-judgmental group holding space for a powerful healing. Akasha provided the tools and the space to help transform these traumas into love & finally release them. It was a powerful, loving class, which I would recommend to anyone who is ready for great transformation. Akasha is very intuitive and a loving clear channel. 

Love, Estefaina Gallo

Galactic Shadow/Inner Work Class

Estefaina Gallo

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