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April Exciting Announcement And More

Updated: Apr 16, 2022


We hope you are doing well. April is a huge transitioning for everyone.

On our last April's 13 Galactic Zodiac Signs Monthly Activation, we talked about a few things and wanted to share it here too.

Exciting announcement! Right now, we are launching some new courses and curriculum on our website. We also have a new method of payment to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Join our Stargate Mastery School and apply the promo-codes below:

  • 40% off, coupon code: 5DGATE for all activations, courses and workshops

  • Instalment method of payments for the new curriculum

  • 33% off, coupon code: Awake for one-on-one mentoring programs

Click this link to Starseed Evolution United's Stargate Mastery School.


Go to Stargate Mastery School, everything is 40% off right now, with a coupon code: 5DGATE. Just apply it. It’s 40% off for all activations, courses, workshops. Click this link


888 Lion’s Gate

Our new curriculum that’s coming up, we have 888 Lion’s Gate curriculum. This is going to be our group live classes for Starseeds and Indigos to be able to connect into our community and to work together, to expand in consciousness. This is for everyone that is aligned to it for soul developments who want to accelerate in our school, activating their star born abilities, crystalline angelic human, blueprints and structures.

It is soul dedicated mentoring that we do offer. I just wanted to connect to everyone out there who would like to join in, into our school and what we’re offering right now. August 8, we’re going to start this 888 Lion’s Gate curriculum.

That’s going to be LIVE group classes. You’ll be able to connect to as a community around the planet. Right now, we have instalment payments for All Souls! We’ll be able to accommodate everyone now. You’ll be able to start your install payment and we start on August 8th. Click the link here

14 Keys of Light of Goddess Sekhmet

The next one is going to be the 14 Keys of Light of Goddess Sekhmet. That’s 11.11.2022. You can tune in to that too. That will be live group activation, sacred attunement and initiations and much more if you go and look at the curriculum for that. Click the link here

9 Keys of the Solar Phoenix

The next one is going to be the 9 Keys of the Solar Phoenix. This is deep cellular levels of soul development. Those that are going to be experiencing purification process as far as developments working through rebirth transformation, transmutations, Phoenix cycle, soul cycles, releasing, surrendering and letting go, and activating new earth timelines. That’s going to be in June. Click this link here

It Is Soul Dedication

Everyone who wants to be included in our school development – we do have a lot of people with us right now – we have installment payments right now that are offered until we start. Once we start, everything goes down. So, if you want to, you can sign up now. It is limited spaces. It’s soul dedication.

We also have Starseed Mastery program too. That right there is more for one-on-one session with me and Stargate Multi-dimensional Mastery Starseed Developments. There are group classes but this one is more one-on-one with me that we offer.

We designed it and created it. If you want, you can start signing up now. It is a limited space. Once we get near the date, the first of the month, we will be closing the curriculum down once we start. It doesn’t matter how many we have, it’s all soul aligned. We finally Energetically Aligned to a Platform that we’re able to split up the payments, 4 or 5 payments just now. So, hopefully that can accommodate everyone all Who are Ready to Activate Your CrystallineLight .


We also have all new mentoring packages up. If you like to tune in those too. Those are 33% off right now. Coupon code: Awake.

Please read all the descriptions in the packages because you won’t want to miss out the gifts. Click this link to find out more.


2022 Lemuria Andara Workshop on April 24, 2022

We have a 2022 Lemuria Andara workshop and everyone who has purchased is gifted Andaras. I’m actually excited about this one because we get to give out gifts. It’s going to be a party. An andara ball. That’s going to be for 3 weeks

Goddess Aphrodite & Hermes Sacred Holy Kristos Union Stargate Passageway Rite – Holy Sacred Marriage on May 1, 2022

May 1st, we have Hermes and Aphrodite’s event. This will be a powerful Sacred Rite. If you have watched our Goddess Hathor Star Gate Diamond Sun Star Dust Gene Code Sacred Rites on March 27, which we gifted to you and the whole collective, you will have to join this one too for your Holy Sacred Marriage.

Galactic Chakras Awakening Workshop Virtual on May 7, 2022

Part 1

Galactic Chakras - 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th Cosmic Ascension Awakening Activation!

Part 2 - Intuitive Awakening Mentoring

Plus Meditation Techniques for Telepathic Conscious Connection to Your Avatar Self /Higher Self/Ascended Mastery You!!!

We are So Excited for this opportunity to Teach You!

Join Our New Conscious 5D Living Community!!

We Appreciate All Energetic Exchanges for Our Gifted Mentoring Support!!

All Souls Aligned Admission – USD $77.77

All Expansion Donations. Please go to Our Website - Starseedevolutionunited.Net - GO TO DONATION LOVE ❤️



· PayPal account:

All New Shifting Souls Aligned to our Workshop's - Questions Please Message PM Me!

Email 📧

We are Sharing & Supporting! As One Heart!!

Goddess Athena Sacred Stargate Holy Temple – TRINITY AROURA DIAMOND SUN PLANETARY Body – Rites of Passageways on May 8, 2022

Another ancient Egyptian series. We hope you join us.

Join Us And Apply The Promo Codes

  • 40% off, coupon code: 5DGATE for all activations, courses and workshops

  • 33% off, coupon code: Awake for one-on-one mentoring programs

That is for everyone who wants to come in and work with us.

We’re going to be going into more curriculum course at the school and do more light group work in order for us to expand in consciousness and to work as a community through my workshops, courses, curriculums. Lots more building and structuring. I’ll be doing mentoring just for a little bit longer and then we’re going to be shifting over.

So, I do want to focus more on my channel. Building the channel and actually make it a Starseed Evolution channel and that’s the development we’re seeing in the future. Everything that we want to do and are doing goes in the community who are starseeds, starborn, lightworkers.

Please message me using the contact form in this website if you are not sure which code to apply or email me:

Quantum Update

This is all quantum. For the latest update, please go to our Starseed Evolution Channel on YouTube at the tab Community or click this link.

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