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Ascension And Spiritual Awakening Support - Spiritual Awakening Through Quantum Chi Flow

Greetings everyone,

In 2013, I was guided to do some sort of martial arts. I was moving in all directions with light and quantum frequencies. I realized that it was an Avatar footwork, which I called “Quantum Chi Flow.”

It was similar to what Neo was doing in the movie Matrix. This movie gave me an eye-opening as I learned my way understanding multidimensional and quantum movements. During this awakening, I was multidimensionally shifting through multiple higher selves, angelic and gods, while communicating with them all at the same time.

Many people call, the higher power, God. To me, they are the higher dimensional, multidimensional, interdimensional and ultra-dimensional beings with super high multidimensional abilities.

During my acceleration, as I was practicing the Quantum Chi Flow, I brought in light codes, light languages and different types of kinin form through drawings and writing.

This was my experiences in the beginning of my spiritual awakening.

My Avatar Quantum Light Alchemy Chi Flow Classes - Neo Style - on Starseed Evolution Channel on YouTube

On September 6, 2021, I did my first LIVE Avatar Quantum Chi Flow on both of my Facebook groups on two different time.

Today, I managed to put together this blog post to help you navigate your way around here as well as on my Starseed Evolution Channel on YouTube.

To join the classes below, please start from the first class. Click each link to go to our Channel on YouTube.

First: Avatar Quantum Light Alchemy Chi Flow Class! Neo Style

Click this link or the picture to go to our Channel on YouTube.

Second: Starseed Evolution Live Class - Avatar Quantum Chi Light Language Flow!

Click this link for the second Chi Flow class on our Channel on YouTube.

Third: Live Starseed Evolution Class ! NC ) Avatar Chi Light Language Flow

Click this link for the third Chi Flow class on our Channel on YouTube.

We would love to hear your experiences from our Chi Flow classes. I read all comments and feedbacks you leave for us. Thank you.

Galactic Love,

Akasha Azurite

P.S. I would like to invite you to get an Avatar Sacred Soul Reading to know more about your origin, your mission and more. Please click this link here for more info.

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