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Goddess Sekhmet Abundance Stargate Mastery Level 1-4


I have created four (4) live transmissions for the Golden Aurora Diamond Stargate for abundance, prosperity, health, wealth, inspiration, miracles and new opportunities. The videos are on our Starseed Evolution Channel on YouTube.

For these transmissions, we have opened up a beautiful portal to work through a divine stargate with Goddess Sekhmet for miracles. You can work through this stargate within six months from the day you start working on the first video. The stargate opens for you for a maximum of six months, so you can work through it as many times as you wish.

All transmissions are valid in your NOW moment.

We also work with the Divine Christos Sophia’s frequency.

This is a free gift from us to you and the whole collective to jump start your journey in achieving your dreams. Depending on your willingness to do all the inner work, you can and will achieve success, abundance, prosperity, health, wealth, inspiration, miracles and new opportunities in divine timing.

Level 1 is to reset the money alignment,

Level 2 is to reset the divine prosperity alignment,

Level 3 is to restore the success alignment, and

Level 4 is to restore the Golden Age wealth.

We welcome you to work further with us to accelerate your divine soul’s journey.

To proceed further with a thorough journey, clearing, removal and activation, please join our Miracle Abundance Stargate Workshop. You will work not only with Goddess Sekhmet and the frequency of Christos Sophia but also with your own personal team of Light and the Guardians, Councils and other Beings of Light.

Another option is to work with me for three to six months. It is going to be an intensive course in any plan that you have selected, which we will, either, meet weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your chosen plan. By working with me, you’ll get a 360-degree of what is needed for your divine mastery.

You’ll get activations video package sets sent to you by email and a workbook to guide you through the months. As of November 2021, all of my students and clients get a workbook upon purchasing a plan, session or event with us.

Everything is divinely guided and you need to be willing to do the work to achieve your dream. We suggest you get our best value plan, the Starseed Master Plan. It has an Andarra set that will be coming home to you; they are your family.

If you wish to know more about what we can offer you in bringing you further accelerated in your journey, please email me, Akasha, at:

Now, let’s dive in to the resetting and restoring the alignment of your money, divine prosperity, success and wealth.

Please take out your workbook to guide you on your intentions and write down your experiences during this journey. We advice you to use the days tracking sheet(s) to track each session.

NOTE: Please do one transmission per day and not all 4 at once.

We suggest you to schedule 4 weeks for all 4 transmissions.

That means you'll have to listen to one video per week.

Listen to each transmission as many times as you want.

Here are the summaries of all 4 levels.

To understand how you are out of alignment, you will have to go within to see what programs, inserts, creations, or patterns you have, such as:

  • False holographic inserts

  • Ancestral bloodline karmic patterns

  • Behavioral patterns

  • Belief systems

  • Programing such as lack and survival

Then, in order to help and attune you to new timelines and the New Earth, as well as bringing abundance into your life, you will have to:

  • Do a deeper work within

  • Go through major template wipes

  • Remove, cleanse, clear and purge

  • Change and shift your mindset

  • Repair, readjust, restore, reset and realign the vibrational frequency of any energetic frequency such as money, divine prosperity, success and wealth

  • Ensure that you expand and activate your consciousness and heart center

  • Raise your vibrational frequency

Remember to:

  • Create from the expanded heart center

  • Activate the merkaba vehicle fully online (to able to work through quantum computer system and learn how to work to the quantum field)

  • Manifest and gravitationally pull to manifest your desire

  • Focus on your creation and not the money

  • Be passionate about what you do

  • Come from the highest place of integrity and pure love

  • Make your choice every day

  • Work internally, from within, first

Level 1 - Reset the Money Alignment

This video is focusing on the realignment of the energetic flow of money as well as the vibrational frequency of giving and receiving of money.

We’ll work through the five bodies: etheric manifestation template, etheric body, mental body, emotional body and physical body with the crystalline Golden Aurora Diamond Light frequency.

Level 1, please click this link:

Level 2 - Reset the Divine Prosperity Alignment

This is a live transmission for ancestral clearing and for divine prosperity.

We’ll work with the Goddess Sekhmet, using the Golden Sapphire Aurora Diamond Sun Light Technology to activate the Stargate.

We’re going to release, clear and restore all the dysfunctional energies of lack, survival, manipulation frequencies, false holographic inserts, false holograms, false timelines and any false attachments.

Then, we can realign, reset, repair and restore your alignment to the divine prosperity frequency for giving and receiving and the flow of prosperity.

Level 2, please click this link:

Level 3 - Restore the Success Alignment

In order to transform your life and activate your realities, you have to realign yourself to the vibrational frequency to success. So, in this video, we are going to:

  • Repair, restore, reset, readjust and realign the frequency of success

  • Activate the divine success

  • Transform, to tune and to tone your frequency to the vibrational frequency of success

  • Clearing the dysfunctions, false holographic inserts

  • Adjust you to the timelines for divine success

  • Make you choose

  • Teach you to switch your vibrational frequency internally first

  • Teach you to consciously create your realities for divine success

  • Do a complete cleansing and removing of all fear programming, manipulation frequencies and all controls

Level 3, please click this link:

Level 4 - Restore the Golden Age Wealth

This transmission is for the realignment, reset, readjustment, and activation for divine wealth with Golden Aurora Diamond Sun Light Technology. You will need to:

  • Clear and clean up soul contracts

  • Collapse internal timelines to create 5D timelines for divine wealth and abundance

  • Collapse your internal realities, 3D and 4D, in order to recreate your crystalline New Earth realities to divine wealth

  • Transform, transcend and shift your vibrational frequency to change your life from fear based holographic realities to blissful state realities

Level 4, please click this link:

Please Share

Please share all your experiences, miracles, success stories, abundance and prosperity stories in the comment box below or you can also email me. I'd love to know what my videos do to you. So, I’m very excited to hear what you guys have to say. I love all my soul family and humanities.

Thank you for choosing to take your power back.

Galactic Love,


P.S. Please don’t forget to join our upcoming Miracle Abundance Stargate Workshop.

P.P.S. When you are ready to get accelerated, check out a plan that speaks to your heart to work with me. Here is the link.

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