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Sacred Deer Clan Diamond Rite ~ Star Code Activation ~ Cherokee Light Language Healing Transmission

This is the quantum transcription from the transmission shared on YouTube. The transcription will only be in English, not the Light Language.


(Start of transcription.)

Greetings Starseeds!

I’m Akasha Azurite. Welcome to Starseed Evolution Channel.

I’m going to do a Light body activation transmission. This is the Sacred Deer Clan Rite transmission for activating our crystalline solar’s solar plexus.

We’re going to be working on the solar plexus activation vortex. We want to repair, restore, and realign… rebalance your solar plexus. Anything that comes up, was out of balance.

We’re going to also call back all of your energy bodies, and your soul fractals pieces to all time and space. Any energies that have been taken, or energy leakages that you could have given out by giving your sacred power away, we’re going to call that back too.

And we’re going to call in the Highest Councils of the Cherokee tribe that are going to lead us, and hold a sacred light space for us. I think ancestors will start coming in. The ancestor Sacred Masters, medicine women, and medicine men.

We’re going to call in the Highest Councils and the sacred master spirit world, all the sacred medicine men and women, the luminous ancient teachers of this realm.

We’re going to call in all the Sacred Grandfathers and Sacred Grandmothers – all of the Sacred Mothers and Sacred Fathers of the Cherokee tribe to grid this space as sacred guardians of the Smokey Mountains and all of the lands and the Earth.

They’re going to help hold space, and a beautiful light space for this rite sacred initiation.

We have to call in all the sacred mothers of the Sacred Deer Clan tribe. This is the clan and the mothers represent this clan. So, we’re going to call them in to hold the light space, with the Christos-Sophia frequency and the energy of the Christos-Sophia.

They are going to help restore the divine Krysted Feminine Blueprint.

We’re also going to call in The Seven Sacred Mothers that represent The Seven Sacred Mountains out here. And that is a council here too.

And they’re going to assist us with the Great Mother Spirit, and calling in the Highest of the Mother Spirit of this land in the Smokey Mountains and out here in Cherokee. The Sacred Forests and the magic that represents out here. And the Great Spirit. The Grandmothers’ Spirit.

We’re going to begin the rite now.

We’re going to open up your heart center, and bring in amethyst ray frequency. The penetrating light of the amethyst ray star light and activation of the Sacred Deer Clan star code rite initiation.

We’re going to use this frequency to activate, balance and restore – call back all your energy bodies, cleanse and clear, and realign and reset your solar plexus, and activate it into a crystalline fifth dimensional grid and a crystalline seventh dimensional grid system.

We’re going to remove and repair any cords or attachments and releasing all attachments on your solar plexus vortex. Opening up the hara center. Bringing in the highest frequency of Source divine light of the Christon-Sophia light frequency into the solar plexus, and into the hara center. And to repair all of the hara center currents and meridians channels. Our hara center crystalline lines, planetary body and universal body.


We’re going to call into our hearts, the sacred rite, all the wisdom and knowledge, the sacred medicine, sacred teachings, ancient teachings of the Sacred Deer Clan. We’re going to activate this rite with the Christos-Sophia energy. And just bring in the frequencies into the heart center to open and expand the heart, to realign to the solar plexus and the hara center and alignment – all sacred alignments.

We are going to bring in all of the sacred feminine of the Great Grandmother Spirit into this rite.

The Cherokee ancestors say that the children are next. They are the highest honor – is the children.

The divine children: we want to restore this blueprint into the Deer Clan.

The children were highly honored and the women were highly honored. They’re the highest from the councils.

Now, we’re going to bring them in. And the ancient fathers go first. The middlemen come next. All of the ancient teachings and ancient wisdoms, the sacred medicine and the sacred power, and ancient teachings, the sacred deer spirit.

The honor and the gratitude and the compassion for this life force and the power force, it represents the hara center too. The deer spirit can repair the hara center.


All of the teachings and the telepathic communication – to restore the telepathic communication from the consciousness of the sacred beings, of which we are, into the consciousness of the animals and the sacred animals of this land.


The Cherokees are gifting all the sacred wisdom and all of the sacred knowledge of the Master Women of this land. All the Sacred Women of this land. Sacred Fathers and Sacred Children, and the Sacred Spirits, and The Seven Spirits.


And returning to the Oneness – and returning to oneness, connecting and repairing and restoring the oneness between the angelic human, the Seven Tribes, the Seven Blue Race… to repair the angelic humans and spiritual beings of the human species and reconnecting them to become merge into oneness with Gaia. With Nova Terra, Mother Earth and Sacred of this land.

To merge back together as one. The oneness spirit, of the spirit of the forests, the mountains, to become one together. The animal kingdoms, to become one. To restore back oneness, in that connection. That the spirit of this land comes first. Will heal and bring peace; blessings – sacred blessings and abundance and sacred harvest.

It can HEAL you. It will HEAL you. The spirit and the consciousness of this system and this Earth system will HEAL you. The sacred forests will heal you. And the magic and the rainbow portals. All the elementals in the other realms.


Thank you for all the councils for being here for this rite. I’m Akasha Azurite. Check out our website at

(End of transcription.)

We hope you enjoy this transmission. Please drink plenty of water and relax.

Lots of love,


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