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10 Tips to Heal Your Childhood Traumas

Greetings, Crystalline Diamond Children Sun!

In my December 2021 Zodiac reading on my Starseed Evolution Channel on YouTube, I gave a few tips on the process of self-healing through childhood or any traumas. The tips were referencing to the question from one of you on PTSD, but these tips are for any type of trauma healing treatment.

PTSD is a form of mind control and domestication of the parenting belief system that you have to do a reversal on. The traumas started at the very young age that would develop energetic disorders. Energetic disorders are distortions in your energetic field, which is in your manifestation and etheric templates.

PTSD is a deep trauma and it is looping. You will loop to spiritual crisis until you break through to realize that you have a massive work to do on self-healing by going all the way within and without you.

“Tuning in to your field, it definitely come from your childhood, age 7. I’m able to tune in to your childhood age 7. Childhood age 3 is where your traumas began and that caused you to have these distortions.”

You want to move beyond traumas to remove it. That would be the next step. You’ll have to practice heart center meditation but you’d have to learn techniques to move through reversal of mind control.

Below are my recommendations and tips for the self-healing.

1. Make a contract with yourself for, at least, two years for a deep development and self-healing.

Your contract with yourself includes your inner child, the child you know growing up, all aspects and identities of you, in 360 degrees.

2. Start looking at you, yourself, the behavioral patterns and the things that you do.

You’ll have to recognize every single behavior pattern in order to release it. Ask yourself, “Where is this coming from?” Tune in to the body and the soul.

One of the patterns that my higher-self showed me is locking your hands down like this (fingers on both hands intertwining with each other like praying or asking for forgiveness). This is a severe abusive trauma from when you were a child. The fear energy will be locked in right in between the fingers, so you have to look at it.

When you do this, that’s your inner child showing you what frequency you are in. You feel guilty, shame and beg for forgiveness. You keep blaming yourself, “I’m wrong. I’m doing wrong.” It is a torture to a child’s brain and a tactic to control their mind to be fearful.

The belief system of parenting is when the parents believe in controlling their children by disciplining, spanking, and abusing them physically, mentally and emotionally. This is mind control domestication by the matrix system that are practiced for many generations up to these days.

3. Reverse the old programs, release all controls and attachments, unlock the door to freedom and love yourself again.

When you realize you have been mind-controlled as a kid or conditioned to a certain routine for a number of years like 18, 20 or 30 years, you have to reverse that control system and release all of it.

You may think you are an empath but you do things out of fear - fear programing and fear frequency - because of the abusive contracts that you’re coming in here with. A pure true empath is when their heart is completely open.

So, you have to deactivate, clear and purge all the fear programing by doing the reversal work and undergo a healing process. Reversal work is like: not cleaning your house for a week, saying no to someone or something, not following orders of the routine, etcetera.

You have to anchor in high amounts of light all the time by vibrating yourself at a massive light speed. This is to dissolve all densities out of your body, releasing all the traumas, suffering and pain. It may cause you to have anxiety attacks due to the mind control and fear programming. So, during this process, you won’t want to be around anybody.

You will work on your heart center to open it up and to develop pure love with yourself first. This is a fifth dimensional frequency relationship – loving yourself first. Only then you can look external.

Once you’ve released all of it, your belief system also will shift, you’ll be able to find a new path way that is freeing and relaxing in a balance and blissful state.

4. Meditate and connect your heart center to your-small-child-self.

The main aspect of you that needs healing is your inner child. It is because you haven’t been growing up from the point you were a child, like when you were one or two or seven, when you have had major abuse that will cause fear and distortion. You are still stuck in that frequency until you realize it is time to release the low frequency.

During meditation, you can time travel to the time you were a baby, a toddler, a teenager or even an adult. You can time travel every night to meet the one-year-old you, two-year-old, three-year-old, etcetera

You can do like I do. I visualize through my merkaba system that my-child-self is laying on me giving her comfort, or I sleep with myself (me as a child) for a period of time. I do this to heal myself within because of the things that have happened to me.

Sit and talk to yourself. Tell yourself, “I love you; everything is going to be okay. We’re going to go through this.” Hug the child-you. Be your own angel.

You’ll be talking like a third person for a while. You have to learn these development skills to break through it because what you are doing is you are merging by pulling everything back into one and purifying it into a pure frequency. It is really important to do this work, to really work on yourself, for a few years.

5. Work with the masters such as Shiva.

Connect to their frequencies and consciousness once you have chosen the master(s) you want to work with. I have chosen to work with Shiva.

6. Pick a council to work with: Guardian Councils, Crystal Guardian Councils, your Avatar-Self.

Arcturians are a beautiful frequency to work with and they will actually help you to clear all of these. They’ll work on your field every single day. I work with Emerald Orders, Amethyst Orders and the Gold Rays Orders. I work with these councils to assist me and to work on my energetic field all day long.

Now, your psychic center has to be really opened for you to communicate with your councils. So, if you have gone through multiple contracts of abuse, these councils will assist you and teach you what is in your field or in your body. There could be holographic inserts, implants, all kinds of energetic or internal parasites that need to be removed. You can work through by taking off these layers.

You’d have to work with these councils. Establish some type of trust, for them to even show you what everything is, so you can open up enough to see, “Okay! Now, I can see why this triggered me, why I have these triggers.”

Your councils will be able to show you from a point in time where you got these triggers from, where it was inserted at, either it was pain body implants or conscious traps. So, you want to learn about stuff like conscious traps, pain body traps and mind masses, how to dismantle and shut them off. You can learn all these from your councils.

7. Learn to heal yourself.

Knowing which bodies need healing helps in the process. You can forgive, release and say, “I’m just going to let go of this and I’m going to work on healing.” You could do the vibrational healing to yourself through light healing. The biggest one will be the healing with your inner child.

Now, if it’s fear energy that you’re feeling all the time, that’s purification process that you have to honor. You have to go in deeper to see, “How do I release this?” You can release it with your higher self; grounding with Gaia, release it through the vortex over head or you can learn how to deactivate all of your software and realize that you are in a super quantum computer system.

You can learn from my Aurora Healer’s Course. I teach healing technics to heal yourself, activate your healing abilities and modalities and you can practice speaking your language of light. They are many contents you can learn with me in my five-week course. (Click here to learn more or email me at )

8. You will have to honor this process as it is sacred.

I teach and provide tips but you have to make commitment and be dedicated to yourself to heal the wounded parts of you.

There are always different avenues and blueprint’s structure, and how to navigate to this. Take one step at a time, and realize that you’re a pure being of light. Meditate in the heart center. Find balance in your day-to-day life.

9. Know that you came in to Earth with a huge contract.

All of us come in pure. When we come in to this matrix, we anchor in a lot of light but we also take on a huge contract. The hugest contract as star children is trying to collapse this matrix all the same time. So, we have to go through all the suffering and pain in order for us to heal ourselves which will lead us to heal our ancestor’s karma.

This is the suffering and the pain that we do not need to have anymore. So, you need to remove this from your frequency and say, “I’m free now. I’m sovereign. I’m awakened. I can see it. Okay thank you.” And then, you collapse that matrix.

All of us have experienced this form of domestication and control system and all of these kinds of contracts. In actuality, all the mind control and domestication are just programs which become a belief system of this collective. But we don’t have to fall into this belief.

10. Start investing in your children’s development by helping and guiding them in a non-controlling way so they are free from all the control programs.

We offer a class for your children to develop their crystal abilities, to give a therapy healing treatment, multidimensional mastery’s training and mentorship and more. Click here and scroll to Star Kids Ascended for more information.

Hopefully, this will be able to help you or anyone. We all came in here together, so, we are shifting together.

Galactic Love,

Akasha Azurite and the Divine Entourage

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