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Ascension And Spiritual Awakening Support – Triggers

Hi everyone,

In my last quantum-style blog post (click here for the post), I talked about us – the advanced beings – being the Galactic Spies on Earth; ascension and spiritual awakening support; the great awakening, and the internal prison mass. Today, I’ll talk about triggers.

Spiritual Awakening Through Triggers

Spiritual awakening, usually, will involve spiritual crisis. Some of us came in with special missions, but due to the “memory loss” once we embodied our physical vessel as a baby, we didn’t remember the main reason we were here. So, some time along the way, we might get triggered with past traumas, fears, or any negative emotions.

Anxieties, depression, doubts, and/or resentment may come into play. That, usually, is the beginning of the process or even during, because when we ignore or avoid all the negative emotions, it will come back and haunt us until we take actions like facing them and getting some healing.

The triggers could be as simple as hearing a certain word mentioned or seeing an event happening before your eyes. They could also be something traumatic like out-of-body experience (OBE) or near-death experience (OBE).

Through these traumatic experiences, they would open up more passageways for you to perform your soul mission.

These are some of the triggers that may end up happening, or you could even be experiencing what I had experienced. I was awakened in multiple ways; I’ll share a couple of them below.

Spiritual Awakening From My Experiences

One of my biggest awakenings was when I was taken in a ship. It was my galactic husband’s ship; they told me when I was there. He is an Andromedan Galactic Ambassador or the Ship-in-Commander. He is the one helping to pulsate and activate my family’s conscious ships for the awakening.

While I was there, he activated me through my pineal gland and this caused my awakening.

There were also times when I didn’t have to go to the ship for frequency matches. I had an advanced being come in to help activate me. He is my galactic child.

So, when I received a prophetic vision at the age of eighteen, I was already awakened.

In the beginning of my spiritual awakening process, I have had interference from other beings too because I was way too open. I was, telepathically, communicating with multiple guardians from different races, space and time; maybe a little bit too open. That’s how I had the interference, but whatever it was, they, probably, needed to happen.

At an earlier age, I was speaking fluent multiple angelic languages. My advanced being is an angelic being and a very ancient Babylonian, who speaks the Annuhazi languages – the original languages.

I can speak star languages and am able to translate them. This makes me a translator and the first contact between the galactic beings and the HUmans. That was one of the reasons I was accelerated on in 2013 and 2014.

Many awakened people started to gain their abilities to speak star, universal or angelic languages but they are not able to translate them. Others gained their ability to contact with other beings by channeling with them and going into a trance. The latter practice will let the beings take over their body; they may need a middle person to assist with the process if, for example, it involves with an audience.

These are the methods that I do not practice. My abilities include telepathic communication by connecting the frequencies of the beings that wish to be in contact with me. That is how I am communicating with my galactic family, galactic and guardian councils, whom are all benevolent beings.

What Did You Experience During Your Spiritual Awakening?

How did it go? Where are you on the journey of your spiritual awakening right now?

I would love to hear about your experience(s).

If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions, please share in the comment below.

Thank you for being here.

Galactic Love,

Akasha Azurite

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