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Amethyst Ray Twin Flame Kundalini Awakening DNA Activation, Star Code Light Language Transmission

This post is a quantum transcription of the light language transmission shared on our Starseed Evolution Channel on YouTube. Or you can browse below the transcription here.

(Transcription starts.)

Greetings Starseed! Welcome to Starseed Evolution. I’m Akasha Azurite.

I’m going to be doing a light body activation, language of light transmission.

We’re going to be doing the amethyst kundalini awakening for twin flame kundalini awakening workshop. It’s Saturday, 11:11 AM EST, if you’d like to join us.

You can sign up at And there’s a coupon promo: Indigo Ray, US$ 88 off. Please join us. It will be at least three (3) hours. Bring your crystals, headphones, journals and pens. And set up a beautiful space and join us, because the last one was very powerful, working through stargates.

We work through different stargate levels with twin flames, Ascended Masters. We also work through sacred pyramid structure Crystalline Temples in different star systems. So, we’d love for you to join us.

You’ll be activating your twin flame kundalini awakening within, which is the soul union matrix, so the divine mother, divine father, and divine child.

Also, we’ll teach you how to clear through contracts, wrap contracts up, soul contracts to align to divine sacred marriage. It’s sacred teachings of the God/Goddess, ancient teachings, and the crystalline temples, that me and my divine sacred partner worked in. So, please join us.

We’ll teach you techniques to manifest and create to bring forth the divine partnership. And consciously are creating new realities. There are many sacred marriages, many sacred unions. Also, we want to work with couples too.

We’re calling forth all that who’s ready for New Quantum Acceleration fifth dimensional to seventh dimensional (5D to 7D) timelines.

And we will be teaching our twin flame sacred partnership abilities that we have, that are Galactic Cosmic abilities. So, highly advanced quantum galactic starseed abilities.

So, we’re calling forth couples too that want to shift from a 3D system to a 5D system to create all new realities. And we’re teaching upon our experiences, and we share our experiences too that will blow your mind on the abilities that we have. It’s very strange and bizarre but we have very high quantum galactic abilities. Because our super quantum computer system which is the merkaba vehicle of light.

Our system is at a phase 3 and it’s a very high-level system. So, we have upgraded to a system that is advance. We want to share our activations, our quantum transmissions, light technologies, so you all can activate too. And to share this beautiful experience in divine partnership that me and my husband have.

So, we share through experience and we’d like for you guys to join us. It will blow your mind. It is the next step to the human evolution and the next step to the human intelligence consciousness too, as well. It will expand you. So just come, open and to receive.

We also have Mastery Star Code Psychic Development Training which is a 7-week program and you can use that promo code (Indigo Ray) for that too.

And it will blow your mind too. It’s a very advanced training, telepathic training and high quantum super computer system abilities technics and also to manifest and mastering your realities. And to telepathically communicate through the system. We won’t have to use electronics and phones anymore to communicate with each other.

We’ll teach you how to communicate to the heart center, communicate through your conscious field, etherically bilocating your merkaba to talk to your friends. So, if you want to, join us.

This will be the first week on Saturday that we’re going to start, and after the 7-week program is finished, we’re going to start another one. So, you can always bring your friends, families, couples to join in too. It is US$ 555 per ticket. So, please join us. You can look it up on I’ll put everything below, in the descriptions.

We’re going to do a transmission today for this Twin Flame Kundalini Awakening, for the Amethyst Kundalini Crystalline DNA Strands.

(Light language transmissions in between.)

This is a DNA activation for awakening your kundalini. It is the amethyst crystalline DNA awakening. This will be the first level. This is a twin flame activation soul union within and also twin flame alignment, and reset and restore for all divine partnerships and sacred marriages.

We are here on this Smokey Mountains in Cherokee and we are representing the Cherokee tribes out here. We’re going to be working the grids. We found Utopia New Earth System that we’re going to build… and help restore and rebuild in the next few years.

So, I’m showing this energetic space with you. It’s absolutely beautiful out here. This is a sacred enchanted forest.

I’m going to call in all the Sacred Guardians of this forest of the highest frequency of pure love and light. And all the Great Mothers and ancient wisdom teachers. We’re going to call in the Great Fathers and ancient wisdom teachers, the Cherokee tribe and the Native Americans to grid this space and activate in to the light codes, to help us return to the Great Spirit, and the Cherokee teachings.

So, I’d love for you to just open your heart center right now, and just to receive this frequency of the Great Mothers spirit, of Mother Earth of Gaia… the Seven Root Race Tribe. And just breathe in and breathe out.

We’re going to welcome in all the elementals of this land, and all the sacred medicine and the sacred peace that comes with this land.


We’re going to call in all the highest guardians of light for this space, Lyrans and Sirians, to stand and to represent our divine sacred union between me and my galactic husband and our divine partnership.


We’re going to call in the highest councils and all guardians to grid this space of the Emerald Order, Amethyst Order and the Gold Ray Order.


We’re going to activate the Amethyst Ray crystalline kundalini awakening frequencies, the twin flame Amethyst Ray crystalline DNA and to start moving it to the spinal cord and activating it through the morphogenetic field and all the spiritual bodies, and the physical body, to activate to each one of your chakras in your 15-chakra grid.


We’re going to activate the God on the right side, activate the Christed divine masculine embodiment of the God force on your right side, to restore balance, realign balance… repair, restore.

(Transmission - long.)

We’re going to activate the Christed feminine energies and the Christed feminine embodiment on your left side; this is your Goddess side.


We’re going to activate and emerge the phoenix twin flames to activate on your right side, your God force and your Goddess force side, which is your left side. We want to balance and restore into a perfect balance and a perfect union, and activate the twin flame Amethyst Ray kundalini.

(Transmission – long.)

We want to merge and dance the two flames of the kundalini and the twin flames of the phoenix, and ignite the Amethyst Ray phoenix twin flame frequencies.

(Transmission – long.)

And awaken the kundalini.

(Transmission – long.)

Awaken the kundalini and the Amethyst Ray kundalini.

(Transmission – long.)

Activate the currents.

(Transmission – long.)

Activating the phoenix twin flame kundalini, and the dancing of the phoenix twin flames.

(Transmission – long.)

Awaken the God force and awaken the Goddess force. The Christed God force and the Christed Goddess force.

(Transmission – long.)

Awaken the Ra force.


Awaken the Hathor force.


Dance the twin flame of the phoenix kundalini.


Activating the amethyst ray currents of the crystalline kundalini awakening.

(Transmission – long.)

Rebalance and activate the Christed masculine. Activate the Christed feminine. Merge together. Activate the divine child. Merge the soul matrix. Activate and merge the soul of the higher self.


Activating the oversoul matrix. Activate the avatar matrix.


Restore your divine blueprint of your angelic human.


Restore and reset.

(Transmission – long.)

Awaken the twin flame kundalini.

(Transmission – long. Activations with Andarras.)

(Gratitude in language of light.)

I’m sharing the highest gratitude and compassion to all my followers. I give you so much love.

Remember to keep your hearts open and your conscious expansion, anchoring the highest light and activate your light technology within you and your light codes within. All you have to do is set the intention and you can activate your 12 crystalline DNA strands with your higher self.

Remember that you all are conscious leaders and that we are the leaders, the Starseeds, the Indigos, and the Crystalline Diamond Children of the sun that we came in here to shift this planet. So, please, wake up and remember.

(Transcription ends.)

Lots of love,


P.S. Please don’t forget to use the October 2021’s US$ 88 promo off coupon code: Indigo Ray when you join any of this weekend’s events. See you there.

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