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Last Offer in 2021 Seven Weeks Mastery Star Code Psychic Development Training Course Level 1-4

Use coupon code for US$88 off Promo Code (Indigo Ray)

Greetings Everyone!

We are hosting a new program for all Starseeds, Indigos, Lightworkers, Earthseeds and ALLseeds.

The first time we held this course in September, it was planned for one day. But guess what happened? We, eventually, did it in 3 days. And a total recorded time of 10 hours, sent to all attendees/students.

Because we believe this Psychic Development is important for ALL of us Light Beings, we decided to make it a program of 7 weeks. Yes! Seven weeks… so, you have more time to practice and master your MAGIC!

This Mastery Star Code Psychic Development Training will be the last one held in 2021! We’ll start on October 30, 2021 at 8:00PM EST. The last class will be on December 11, 2021.

This is your chance!

BE there in our Star Ship. We go through Stargates, Portals and visit Ancient Civilizations, Future or Parallel Universe. And that’s not all.

We’ll bring in new codes, new technologies, new information, new abilities…

So, get your 12 crystalline DNA strands activated and get them running. Let the fire codes fire up for all your magic to come out. Be the PSYCHIC that you truly are!

This is our BEST value of over US$ 5.5K but it is yours, NOW, for only US$ 555!

Oh wait… here’s our extra gift for you. Use the coupon code for US$88 off Promo Code (Indigo Ray).

Sign up NOW! We only have 11 seats available (as of today). Click this link to find out more!

To give you just a bit of a taste of the yummy cake, here’s some of the introduction of the workshop we held on September 25, 2021, for three consecutive Saturdays.

Starseed Evolution Mastery Star Code Psychic Development Training September 2021 3-day workshop

You guys are here to advance in your multidimensional quantum abilities and to advance your multidimensional-self incarnations. Multidimensional realities moving from the 4th dimension to the 5th dimension.

It is either your higher-self bring you here or your galactic councils or star family who want to talk to you.

These activations (of the Mastery Star Code Psychic Development) are a different level than just mediumship and clairvoyance or clairaudience. It is all telepathy to me.

For these activations… What you are doing is you are activating your 12 crystalline DNA strands; you’re activating your vehicle of light in your merkaba vehicle.

As you’re waking up, some of you will experience mediumship first, which I did. Mediumship is in a spirit realm, which is between the 3rd and 4th dimensions. You communicate with spirits and ancestors from the spirit realm. Sometimes, a spirit can be in a lower dimension like the 2nd dimension. Those spirits in the 2nd dimension are mostly those people who died from a tragic death or suicidal death.

This (Mastery Star Code Psychic Development) is coming from the galactic.

Sometimes, you don’t realize when you communicate with a spirit guide. Sometimes, the higher self will be communicating to you, but you don’t realize that you are communicating with your 5th or higher dimensional self. It could also be somebody else’s dimensional self.

There is a morphogenetic field… Based on my experience, the left side is going to be your odds (dimensions like 3rd, 5th and 7th). Your evens (dimensions) are going to be on your right side. The left side is a lot nicer than the right side. The radio station of your ego is coming on the right side.

Multidimensionally going upwards; you’ll have an understanding of whom I am communicating with. After today, you will know more. You will open up and you will activate your abilities.

Next, the oversouls, the ones in charge, are going to be above your crown. (More examples were given.)

The spirit world of 2nd and 3rd dimensions are "physical". So, when you are communicating with a spirit, it could be from the 3rd dimension.

In the beginning of my awakening, I could easily read people’s minds and thoughts. I was just tapping into people’s conscious field as I was walking pass them.

The right thought comes from the right side, which is telepathy. You’ll have to learn how to manage it (not to hear your ego/subconscious). This is when you advance your abilities, when you activate your vehicle of light, and you start integrating your 12 dimensional templates, you’ll become telepathic.

You want to learn how to turn the signal off (the signal of reading people’s mind/tuning into your radio station) and to manage being around people and reading their mind at the same time.

It depends on how long the field is with the radio station. It will also take between removing the veils and seals (tags and all other implants). When you hit the frequency fences, you’ll not think telepathically. (Examples are given.)

Crystal children are easier to open up their heart centers. They know, and will just let things go. Older children like the Indigos need to remove or clear the densities from their body, seals etcetera first, to open up their heart centers.

In order for the merkaba to be activated, you’ll need to clear the densities first.

The 12 crystalline DNA strands are important because they form phases in the merkaba vehicle. This is the psychic development. The dissecting is all in the merkaba.

You need psychic defense when you communicate with the spirits. When you are a gatekeeper, spirits will pull you to cross over because you are supposed to save their souls. You take them, put them in a portal and start crossing them over. You are a crossover. This is how you clean houses and lands from the (earthbound) spirits.

When you start talking multidimensionally, you want to start asking:

  • Are you spirit?

  • Are you crossed over to the 5th dimension yet?

  • Are you ready to cross over?

You want to activate the crossing portals.

Start learning how to transport spirits through a transit portal or a portal with one of your higher selves, whom is your higher angelic who works in the 7th dimension. Meaning your higher self will be in the 7D for right now.

You want to get the spirits inline and start crossing them over. It’s a stepping stone to your super human ability.

Next is, when you are communicating with your higher galactic beings… The higher dimensional beings, 7D etcetera, teleport; meaning they vibrate in and vibrate out. You want to ask them questions...

Level 1: Merkaba activations and quantum attunement for healing. You are going to activate your vehicle of light. You’ll be activated in your higher chakras. You have 4 activations: quantum multidimensional abilities, quantum telepathic abilities, quantum time travel abilities (you want to work on your vehicle of light) and quantum jumping. You are going to do the activations to activate the guardians (of 5th dimensional).

(End of first part of the introduction of the day-1 workshop.)

We give you only the picture of the cake and just a slight taste in your buds of the icing but there are more flavors, mixtures, and all the ingredients that are not shown here.

It’s super quantum! It’s super high speed! There is only one way to find out.

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