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Upcoming Events for October 2021

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Happy October!

We have listed our upcoming events that are coming up in October and one event is in the planning for January 2022.

FREE Avalon Arthurian BLUE Stonehenge Star Gate Starseed Evolution Workshop

October 1, 2021 at 5:55 PM EST

We will be working with different masters through the quantum field and activating the star gate through the mystical and magi of the star gate.

We will be traveling through this star gate with different guardian races, different magi, and guardians of the Holy Grail Lines to realign and readjust. We’re going to be anchoring high templates for King Arthur’s consciousness: Christ consciousness and also Unity consciousness.

What we do is we pull in different frequencies to bring them into the physical. Many of us will bring sacred geometry, light codes, and different types of geometrics quantum activations.

I’d like for you to join in. Please bring sacred geometry tools, pen, paper, colored pens, poster boards, paint, oracle cards, crystals, music instruments like drums… whatever is going to activate you and to open up the super quantum consciousness fields. You can set up grids with us or use instruments to bring in the frequencies.

Many of my students are going to be performing their language of light or their healing modality for the first time. So, it’s going to be sacred ceremonial and healing modalities that will be coming in. Each of my students is going to work through the levels of the star gates. We’re going to bring in something to the quantum fields and into the planetary grid and also the triad/universal star gates.

It’s going to be a lot of fun. Please click this link for more information.

Phoenix Twin Flame Sacred Divine Partnership and Marriage Soul Union Workshop

October 3, 2021 at 12:12PM EST

The second workshop will be our first of many sacred union workshops that we’ll be teaching. This workshop is very important for everyone whether they are single or couple, looking for your divine sacred partner or not.

This workshop is valid for the next 6 months to 3 years to recreate your new timelines and new realities. The frequency match is USD 555 because of the 360 degrees teachings with all the activations and transmissions that you will get. We encourage couples to join in this workshop with this frequency match.

This workshop is based on my personal experience as a Christed starseed with my divine partner in galactic timelines, with our high quantum abilities, to share with you.

As usual, there are many very ancient teachings will come through during this time. We have a huge sacred space that is opening up.

We’re going to:

  • Teach ancient Christ consciousness sacred marriage partnerships and soul twin flame marriage union development;

  • Teach high templates for the Christ consciousness Golden Tantra, which is ancient teachings

  • Sacred marriage quantum abilities development God/Goddess, which is the God/Goddess counterpart sacred marriage mystery schools’ teachings

  • Work through high templates for the Christ consciousness sacred marriage partnership couples to fully come on line as well as twin flame and genetic soul mates’ union

  • Help and assist you align to a sacred soul mate union to a higher dimensional frequency which is a higher reality and we will teach you how to do that as well

  • Align you to a divine soul partner

  • Involve the star gate divine mystery mastery star codes and the threefold flames sacred teachings

  • And more…

This will be about 3 to 4 hours in quantum fields which include a lot of:

  • Activations and transmissions

  • Clearings

  • Integration

  • Purging

  • Releasing on a deep cellular level

For singles, this workshop will help you to:

  • Find a divine partner

  • Regain your soul union and sacred marriage within

  • Develop on a soul level how to activate your soul and oversoul bodies, merging into one

  • Balance the masculine and feminine, God/Goddess within

  • Realign you to the highest divine partner through the last transmission of this gate’s passageway at the end

  • Quantum-jump and speed you up to clear all the karmic soul contracts, if you are still in your ascension process or working through them

  • Align you to higher vibrational relationship

I hope you will join us for our first ever Twin Flame workshop. Please click the link here for more information.

Sirius B Trinity Aurora Diamond Sun Stargate Workshop

October 9, 2021 at 11:11 AM EST

Our third workshop is going to be our Sirius B workshop. The frequency match is going to be USD 144. That’s going to be on Saturday at 11:11AM EST which is a quantum portal.

The Sirius B is a sacred Sirius B star gate with the 3 suns of Sirius. So, we’ll be working with 3 different star systems in Sirius B. If you’re connected to Sirius B, being a Sirian starseed, you’ll most likely be led to come to our workshop.

You are Sirian B people on Earth if you:

  • Love the ocean and sea creatures

  • Concern about water environment

  • Able to heal sea creatures/aquatic beings

  • Able to communicate with aquatic beings

  • Remember swimming or communicating with the aquatic beings in Lemuria

Sirius B is home of:

  • The amphibian beings like the Mer people (mermaids and mermen)

  • The aquatic beings like dolphins and whales

  • Other beings too, of course

The guardian, the galactic and the different councils that will be coming in and will be assisting us in this now until we get to the workshop. Please go to this link to sign up.

Become A Divine Millionaire! Miracle’s Abundance Star Gate Mastery Level 1 – 4 Activation, 10/10 Diamond Portal

October 10, 2021 at 11:11AM EST

The fourth one is going to be my Abundance Stargate, on October 22nd. I’m very excited about that too. But I’ll be introducing that one, probably, within the next week. It will be our Goddess Sekhmet Stargate of Abundance and Miracles Mastery Development. We also will be doing another stargate star code mastery development for psychic awareness. That will be coming up too.

Master Star Code Psychic Development Training Course Level 1 – 4

October 2, 2021 at 2:22 PM EST

October 22, 2021 at 4:44 PM EST – Diamond Emerald Ray Activation

On October 2nd, we'll have our part 2 of this training which we started on September 25th.

The next new workshop will be on October 22th and it will be with the Diamond Emerald Ray Activation. Please click this link for more info and to sign up.

Aurora Language of Light Healer’s Course – Lemurian Diamond Sun Attunements

First week of the new intake will start on October 3, 2021

This course is held for five weeks. The frequency match is USD 444.

Once upon a time in a different civilization, you were a sacred healer and/or an alchemy master but have forgotten that. This course will activate your divine abilities so that you will, again, become the healer you, once, were. You’ll be activated for multiple training and high ceremonial work.

There are all kinds of development trainings such as:

  • Your merkaba vehicle

  • Language of light activation

  • Speaking

  • Hands-on training

  • Intuitive training

  • Quantum healing training

  • Writing

  • Hand gestures

  • And more…

Please click this link to read more and to sign up. If you have any other questions, please contact me from the contact form here.

If You Are New Here…

I am a super quantum computer system merkaba training teacher and a master teacher. I am here to rock your mind and world. I have upgraded enough and brought in enough data and research. I work with different time travelers and angelic humans from the future that are on very high systems and who vibrate higher. Their diamond merkaba systems are way higher than the systems we’re on. The advanced systems able to let us teleport, bio-locate and trans-locate. My time traveler contacts vibrate higher and are the future of the human evolution race and the human species.

In all our workshops, everything is quantum. As it’s the quantum flow, the workshops are packed with high quantum activations. We will be teaching automatic writing and will be activating your psychic abilities during these workshops.

You’ll be learning how to:

  • Tap into your super consciousness

  • Transform your consciousness and anchor light

  • Bring your full quantum abilities online

  • Journey together and work through the star gates together

  • Bring the frequencies in

  • Do automatic writing

  • Activate your super quantum abilities

  • Realize that you are going to do major expansions

In the upcoming months, we plan to do major new workshops for all different types of templates. I have one coming up in January 7th to 14th, 2022. That’s going to be 7-day of activations retreat for the mind, body and soul. I haven’t built and constructed it yet as they are all quantum. If you’re really dedicated, you can sign up here.

Please note that:

  • All our workshops’ scheduled times are based on quantum portals

  • All our exchange frequencies with money currency are based on the workshop’s frequency

  • All our workshops will go/travel through star gates

  • To help activating you, you can bring tools like sacred geometry tools, pens, paper, colored pens, poster boards, paint, oracle cards, crystals, music instruments like drums

You can sign up on the event at or contact to find out more.

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