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White Wolf 🐺 Purification Diamond Sun Rite - From Cherokee, NC

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Greetings Star Family!

We are up here in the Smokey Mountains at Cherokee bringing in some high light technologies. Please listen to the video to get the Light Language Transmission.

Drink plenty of water and relax. Expand Your Consciousness Awareness! Home is where the heart is!

We Send Lot of Love & Support Akasha Azurite Encourage & Andromedan Family

We Are Calling Forth All Soul Family ❤️ Ready to Change There Realities

4D/5D New Earth Mastery Development!

Awaken your Avatar Matrix Within - Activate Your Crystalline Angelic Human Blueprint!

Are You Ready to Activate Your Crystalline Light Body?

Are You Ready to Expand your Consciousness?

Are Your Ready To Shift/Transform Paradigm?

Are You Ready to Establish a Permanent Connection to Your Higher Self NO MORE Separation?

Are You Ready for Quantum Multidimensional 5D Living Realities?

Are you Ready for Super Quantum Abilities?

Sign Up with Akasha Azurite Entourage~ LIGHT BODY ACTIVATOR ~ Quantum Multidimensional Life Coach Today!!!

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