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The Galactic Spy of Ascension Spiritual Awakening on Support

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Hi everyone... Starseeds, Indigos, Lightworkers, Rainbow Warriors and anybody who is spiritually waking up for ascension at this now moment.

Welcome to my first quantum-style blog post.

I am going to share information that I have shared on my YouTube Channel – Starseed Evolution – so you have them in writing as well.

I will start with my newest podcast called the "Galactic Spy". It is for the spiritual awakening support with tips and ideas in which I’ll share through my experiences. I’m hoping that through my sharing, it will help you in your ascension process.

I speak through my own experiences and I speak collectively. I speak through the supreme consciousness of the Divine Source being, Avatar, whatever preference of creator-self that you have. I also speak through different guardian councils.

I am here to assist and to guide the All. I’m Akasha Azurite. I’m a wayshower for Starseeds, Indigos, Lightworkers, Rainbow Warriors, all different types of frequencies that incarnated here.

To those who are new to my way of work, I work quantumly with spirit. So, whatever comes through, comes through in this now. It means, even if I have planned to do a podcast for 30 minutes, quantumly, I can work for more than the planned time like an hour or even a couple of hours. That goes to my events too.

The Galactic Spy

I will be talking a lot about the galactic spy, soul contracts, timeline collapses, ascension and spiritual awakening support, and more. To begin with, I’ll do a few questions and answers about galactic spy.

What is a Galactic Spy?

A Galactic Spy is a term I call us the advanced beings who came in to support and assist Gaia with multiple and different types of soul contracts to be able to collapse timelines to prepare for the Crystals and Rainbow Children who are coming in now.

Who are the Galactic Spies?

They are the advanced beings like Starseeds, Indigos, lightworkers, Rainbow warriors , Crystal Children, angelic, and all advanced beings from different dimensions, densities and harmonic universes. Earthlings or earthseeds can be galactic spies too.

Why do we call us the Galactic Spies?

We call us the galactic spies where we came in as watchers and wayshowers.

How does a Galactic Spy work?

Being a Galactic Spy is very important because we, actually, come in on advanced contracts, which are multiple of them. One of the contracts could be having traumas, karmic traps or different types of imprisoned matrixes. We have to get in to be able to get it out and to collapse all of these and transmute them or overwrite them through different types of quantum light technology and to be able to collapse them for the collective.

Ascension and Spiritual Awakening Support

A lot of us are going through the great awakening and starting the ascension process too. Therefore, ascension support for the spiritual awakening is crucial and going to be needed during this process. That is what I am here for.

I am here to support you by sharing my experiences; giving you tips to help and assist you during this awakening; teaching you to go through contracts through organic ways and methods; inviting you to join our free classes and doing work for yourself and for the collective; gifting you with activations through our group support, and more.

I am also here to activate your abilities, DNA strands, and other dormant areas, but these will have an exchange energy. My services are listed here for pricing plans and here for my Sacred offerings.

When you feel guided by your higher self, you can always contact me through the contact form here or email me at, if you need guidance like which plan or service that you need in order to move forward in your soul evolution. Your higher self will let me know and I can convey their message to you as well.

The soul tribe support is going to be helpful too. You will feel that you, finally, belong to somewhere now; you won’t feel alone anymore.

I know the feelings; I had been there and wished that I had the support from the tribe that could understand me. That is also the reason why I created support groups for our like-minded soul family. So, I am inviting you to join our tribe on Facebook, where I have created two groups called Starseed Evolution and Avatar Language of Light ✨ & Divine Practice Group. I also have listed all our related groups on this website for easy access.

Okay, now that I have introduced you on how we can support each other on this ascension process, let’s move on to the topics that WE ARE going to share with you.

The Great Awakening

We are going through a great awakening. Some of us have been on this journey for 20 to 30 years; 40 years even. Some of us were accelerated on in 2012, 2011, maybe 2010, 2009… so, it is ranging from 2009 to 2017.

After the mass awakening in 2012, there was another in 2017. So, if you are on this wave, then, hopefully, what I am going to say will resonate with you. We are, currently, also experiencing a mass awakening process. They call it the great awakening.

The great awakening, to me, is removing an internal imprison masses within the matrix system. It’s actually in the physical body which is the physical vessel. Some of it are in the etheric manifestation templates.

The Internal Prison Mass

People say, “Lifting your veils,” but it is the geometric traps and different masses that are programed into physical consciousness of the HUman vessel. There are also other words, but I am talking about the physical vessel. These masses are also programed in the etheric in manifestation template and some of the emotional body.

As you sit there, you collapse these internal matrixes within you and start unplugging from the matrix like Neo from the movie “Matrix”. When you unplug and come fully out, that is when you will have your “grand awakening” and stepping out of the matrix system completely.

Among the masses that are programed within you are the Jehovian seals and tags, which I, highly, recommend for you to research about them. It is important that you remove those seals during this time. If you need help to remove them, I do have the Jehovian seals and tags removal in my offerings and plans.

Start researching about them and start becoming aware of these different types of implants and structures. You won’t find much knowledge about it, but you might find people talk about it.

Now, as far as the internal prison matrixes, we call them “the internal prison mass”. These are different structures that are in the physical body and in the etheric manifestation template that keep you in prison traps within. These have to do with fear traps and much more. There could be much more of them that you’ll start to realize that later on.

You can call them karmic traps, but they are actually the internal geometric shapes with different blueprint structures to keep you into a prison. So, you are in imprisonment internally within.

Once you learn how to collapse these, you will remember more of who you truly are and the reasons why you are in all those dramas and plays of life. I shall talk more about this in my next posts.

I Am A Spiritual Galactic Ambassador and Here to Give You Support

I am also doing transmissions to help you remove them. These transmissions are different quantum light technologies that I received from my Andromedan higher self and my Arcturian multidimensional self.

This is to say, I am a Starseed, who has woken up completely, and working with the galactic telepathically. There are also quite many of my higher version multidimensional of me from different time cycles who assist me in this journey. They help me to remove anything like DNA mutation and different types of geometric from the system itself. I communicate through frequencies telepathically.

You can start studying and researching if you want. I haven’t started studying because everything I do is organic. Everything is organically either received from other galactic beings or guardian beings; the Emerald Order, Amethyst Order and Gold Order; as well as different Syrian councils, Lyran and other galactic councils.

I am also helping interdimensional beings in these universal structures. So, I am a universal guardian that came in here from another universal structure on an experience to help with the “great awakening” in the shifting of this planetary structure, which is a merkaba ship in itself. It is a merkaba that you’re coming in here on an experience too.

Have you ever seen the movie “Avatar”? It is, exactly, like that where the HUman goes to the avatar body to have an experience. Well! In our experience, it is the opposite. It is the avatar going into the HUman body to have an experience, but it is multidimensional.

This means, you can have multidimensional extensions. It is a multidimensional experiment. You can say it is an experience, but it is also experiment with different council races. I do know this.

My next posts will be about environment, triggers, soul contracts, timeline collapses and more. Please come again to learn more about your true self being a galactic spy to, actually, make ways for the new generations.

Before We End This Post

I am aware that I use quite a lot of quantum terms that are, probably, new to you as not many people are talking about them; in fact, there are only a small number of us do that. I recommend that you do start studying and researching about the term or keywords and other information to help you understand better as part of your spiritual awakening journey.

I have plans to write about them more in details in my future posts, so, please come back again for the updates.

If you have other question or suggestion for my future podcast or posts, please leave me your feedback in the comment box below or send me a message through the contact form.

Thank you for being here and for taking your power back.

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So wonderful! Looking forward to your future blogs on how to collapse karmic traps (the internal geometric shapes with different blueprint structures that hold us in imprisonment internally within). 💕

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